2024 Peregrines Live - from SS Peter & Paul - Kettering

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Roughly four years in the past, the Hawk and Owl Trust were contacted by the Rector of Saints Peter and Paul in Kettering, requesting guidance regarding Peregrine Falcons that had chosen the church as their home, given its prominence as a nesting site within the local neighbourhood.

The Trust's conservation officer assigned to that area promptly paid a visit and offered assistance, leading to the installation of a nesting tray.

The Trust has maintained its supportive role, providing constant advice to the Church, and working closely with the Rector and volunteers from the locality.

By 2023, the Peregrines had successfully reared three offspring.

During the colder months, the Trust set up a camera to keep an eye on their movements, affording everyone in the local vicinity a special glimpse into the lives of these birds.

Much of what the Trust does is carried out quietly, without drawing attention or seeking public acclaim. However, we are now thrilled to share the live camera images.

Your generous donations to either the Hawk and Owl Trust or SS Peter & Paul’s would be immensely helpful in sustaining this ongoing work.

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