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Please help by joining us today. It is one of the most effective ways you can help Britain's birds of prey as it provides the Hawk and Owl Trust with regular income to carry out its important work. It also gives us a stronger voice for these charismatic birds. Birds of prey symbolise freedom and wild places. Despite being legally protected; they are vulnerable to mounting human pressures:

  • Habitat destruction and modification.
  • Urbanisation and traffic collisions.
  • Pollution, poisoning both deliberate and indirect.
  • Nest robbing and lack of nesting sites.
  • Direct persecution.

As a member, you will benefit from: 

  • Our fascinating and readable member’s magazine – Peregrine – twice a year.
  • Free entrance to our reserves.
  • The chance to take part in surveys and practical conservation projects.
  • An opportunity to support your local reserve.
  • The satisfaction of helping to ensure that all birds of prey will continue to fly free over our countryside.

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Thank you. What your membership helps to support…

CONSERVATION: Conserving birds of prey and owls involves conserving their prey, and the chain of life that supports them and their habitats. It is a 'bottom-up' process, and we demonstrate this practically on our reserves where good numbers of raptors and owls bear testament to the conservation methods we advocate.

ENTHUSIASM: We are passionate about birds of prey and owls, and we want to share that with everyone. You can follow the fortunes of our urban Peregrine nest boxes live on webcam and join our community on social media, or if you wish to visit our reserves, we are proud that Sculthorpe Moor in Norfolk is one of the most accessible-to-all reserves in the country.

RESEARCH: As top predators, birds of prey are barometers of the health of our environment. We investigate some of the issues surrounding these birds, such as identifying traffic collision hotspots or wing tagging Marsh Harriers to discover more about their movements and dispersal away from their breeding sites.

ADVICE: We work with landowners and land managers, providing advice on best practice habitat management for the provision of food and safe nesting and roosting sites for birds of prey and owls.

EDUCATION: We meet thousands of school children each year, nurturing in them a love for the natural world and an understanding of the role of predators in the environment. We also make education a core part of what we offer to all, believing that understanding birds of prey and owls will help alleviate the problems they face.

NEST BOXES: The Hawk and Owl Trust builds and sites high-quality nest boxes for a range of birds of prey and owls. You can Adopt a Box locally, following the outcome of 'your box' each year. You can buy boxes to site yourself, or you can apply to have them sited in suitable habitats on your own land and have them monitored annually.


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