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July 14, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 14/07/2019

Last watch of the season! The juveniles will…
July 13, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 13/07/19

Weather- drizzle in the morning sunshine in the…

Norwich Cathedral Activity Log- 12/07/19

Jul 13, 2019
Weather- overcast 9.30 1 juvenile on the edge of the nest box, it then flew off calling.…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 13/04/2019

Another busy day at the Watch Point, with guided walks from the forum, giving many people the chance to see our peregrine couple!

Weather was chilly showers and hail in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.

9.35 Incubation change over! GA takes over incubation duties and the male lands 2 crockets down on the West of the spire.

10.00 Male hops one crocket, then flies off, drifting to the North, before diving after a lesser black backed gull to the West.

10.05 The male returns to the North side of the spire.

10.16 The male drifts above the Close before landing on the plucking window.

110.35 The male flies around and then lands 3 crockets down on the spire.

10.45 The male moves to the 9th crocket down.

11.07 The male suddenly flies West.

11.10 GA pecks at the gravel around the nest, possibly eating it to aid in digestion.

11.40 The male returns from the West and sits in his favourite spot 2 crockets down on the West side of the spire.

12.20 The male dives and chases after a lesser black backed gull and then returns to the West side of the bell tower.

12.55 The male flies in and lands on top of the window in the middle of the spire next to the nest box.

13.19 Incubation change over! The male takes over incubation while GA lands 4 crockets down from the window.

13.35 GA flies West and then lands 4 crockets from the top of the spire.

13.50 GA suddenly flies South West.

13.55 Intruder alert! A peregrine flies near the spire to the North East. Another flies directly near the spire. The male remains vigilant in his incubation duties.

14.15 GA returns to the 3rd crocket down.

15.00 No change.

16.00 GA flies off North.

16.11 Incubation change over! The male lands 2 crockets down on the West spire while GA incubates.

Please note: The feed to this camera is a beta test. Depending on the usage and bandwidth available at Cathedral, if problems occur we are sorry but we will take this down without notice.