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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 10/06/20

8.03 TD is seen perching on a very low wall on the NE side of the cathedral near Norwich School.

8.21 TD took flight and cannot be seen.

9.25 TA and TC are on the NW turret and TB is thought to be on the roof of the nave. GA is two crockets down on the N of the spire and the Tiercel is about 8 crockets down on the N.

10.38 TC stands up wings stretched out feeling the breeze, TA is lying down flat.

11.17 TD is found on the crenulations above the cloisters,below the nave, it is raining steadily and a black bird is alarming near by.

11.30-14.00 The weather conditions are very wet and windy and there is very little movement from the birds. TD occasionally calls for food and the adults take a few short circuits of the spire but then land again.

14.00 The nest camera is up and running again but there is not an empty nest.

15.22 Tiercel flew around the spire 3 juveniles (TA, TB and TC) are calling from the NW turret and one (TD) is calling from the NW turret. All Juveniles have been located and are in a high safe position.

15.35 GA came in with prey and took it to the single juvenile on the NE turret, she then lands on the top of the NW turret watching the 3 juveniles below her.

15.58 The tiercel flies from the top of the spire to the SW and takes the prey from the juvenile (TD) and eats some.

16.14 Tiercel now flies to the 3 juveniles (TA, TB and TC) on the NW turret, the peregrine equivalent of Deliveroo and drops of the remaining food before heading back to the N of the spire and landing half way up.

16.22 GA leaves the turret and flies around the N of the spire and lands high up on the N.

17.12 The day ends with all 6 peregrines clearly in view and with the juveniles having been fed… our job is done for the day.

Thank you for todays report; Kim Paul, Mike Harmer, Peter Ducker, Suzanna Bunting, Graham Long and Chris Skipper. 


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