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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/20- TD and TB Fledged!

5-30-6.00 TD fledged and landed on the East side of the South Transept above some scafolding,

5.40 GA flew in with prey and left without plucking or feeding.

6.23 Two chicks remain on the platform one is the male TC that fledged on Sunday but returned to the box yesterday the other is TB who has yet to take her first flight.

6.46 Tiercel is perched 6 crockets down on the S. TA is still thought to be on the refectory roof. TB and TC are in the next box and recently fledged TD is on the crenelations above the scaffolding on the South transept.

6.47 GA flew in empty taloned and has perched 2 crockets down on the front of the spire.

7,21 Tiercel flied in from the S with no prey. And lands on the N of the spire.

9.42 TD lies down on the crenelations on the South transept.

9.44 TD starts hopping from crenelation to crenelation. No sign of TA on the refectory roof.

10.00 GA plucking on the golden bales, its raining feathers!

10.14 GA flies out with prey and does a few laps of the spire trying to entice the chicks on the ledge to fly out.

10.19 After several laps GA takes the food into the nest box.

10.36 Tiercel moves around to the N side of the spire out of sight.

11.03 TD is in the same position, The tiercel is on the arch of the middle window on the W side of the spire. TC lies flat on the rim of the next box.

11.07 GA is on the golden bales cleaning her beak she has a full crop.

11.20 TD on crenelations on East side of South transept. TC &TB on box. TA missing last seen approx 6pm last night by Estates Manager being mobbed by gulls on ridge of  refector GA on golden bales. Tiercel on top of window adjacent to window with the platform 

11.25 Tiercel calling, flies off West goes round spire then off to the East then lands again between the windows

11.40 TD jumps down from crenelation into the gutter and then up onto crenelations again and jumps along a few crenelations and then flies fairly low along the transept out of sight and can no longer be located.

11.50 TD spotted on a piece of narrow guttering on a turret on Abbeyfields Residential Home East of the Cathedral. She is about 20 feet from the ground. 

11.55 TD walking along the rounded narrow metal glittering of the turret with considerable difficulty. She then walks back again with difficulty, looking very uncomfortable

12.00 TD jumps onto a coping stone on the corner of Abbeyfields. She is still about 20 feet from the ground

12.15 TC and TD still on the platform

12.40 TD ‘grounded’ but managed to fly off when rescue was imminent. Destination unknown

13.05 TC leaves the platform and hops onto the closest crocket. TB not visible

13.10 No fledglings visible on platform. TC still on the same nearby crocket

13.15 GA still on golden bales.  Tiercel on 10th crocket down on left of spire

13.20 TB reappears on the platform. She still has yet to fledge

13.50 TC still perched on the same crocket

13.55 TC hops back onto the platform. TC and TB are on the platform together

14.10 GA and Tiercel both fly off high East of the spire and both land 3 crockets down

14.10 TB leaves platform and stands on top of camera which appears very slippery

14.12 TB gets back onto the platform. TB and TC both on the platform again

14.12 TD spotted on the ridge of a roof on a house at the bottom of the Green in the Close Blackbirds alarming ++

14.20 TD is being mobbed by two jays whilst on the slippery ridge of a pantile roof she is opening and closing her beak. ? stress

14.25 TD slips down the pantiles but manages to get back up to the ridge again

14.30 TC and TB still on platform. GA and Tiercel still on the spire, each 3 crockets down TA location remains unknown at present

15.00 A report comes in that there is a Peregrine perched on someones car at the front of the cathedral, its TA! Ta gets on the ground.

15.00-15.30 amongst all of the commotion it is thought TB fledged and landed on the nave roof!

15.30 TA is caught and put up on the bell tower.

15.39 TA is seen on the crenelations on the E side of the bell tower.

15.48 TA takes flight and lands on a roof of a house in the cathedral close.

15.52 Tiercel is 3 crockets down above the nest, GA is 2 down from the top

16.07 TD has got grounded near goosbury walk, when approached to catch her she took flight and flew well towards bishops garden.

16.51 TA is still on someones roof

19.23 TB is seen being mobbed by a magpie and gulls whilst perched on someones chimney pot

We end the day with all four chicks fledged and flying well.

Thank you to all the voluneteers that contributed to this blog; Mike Harmer, Sarah Lucy, George Waters, Eileen Wyatt, Graham Long, Chris Skipper and Kim Paul. 


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