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May 29, 2020

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Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees…
May 28, 2020

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May 27, 2020
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Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 21/05/20

Weather: Warm. Currently overcast after a bright start.

8.30 Chicks home alone.

8.46 Tiercel brings in food and feeds the chicks.

8.50 Tiercel hopped of the ledge and flies off.

8.52 Chick stretched its wings.

9.00 Chicks start to call.

9.10 Chicks walking around the box.

9.15 Chick feeding itself.

9.22 Chicks flapping their wings.

9.43 Chicks chilling out together.

9.44 GA returns with food and feeds the chicks.

10.00 GA starts to call then continues to feed the chicks.

10.06 GA flies off.

10.08 Tiercel returns and removes the food from the box.

10.23 Chick stretched its leg.

11:00 - The chicks are currently in a line at the front of the box, alternating between dozing and preening. They pant to keep cool.

11:13 - The chick nearest the camera, TC, wanders down to the far end of the box clearly showing his emerging tail and wing feathers. On the way back he practices wing flapping. This wakes TB up, who nibbles at a left over carcass and then at one of her sibling's newly emerged feathers.

11:17 - TB looks up and calls at something flying past the box.

11:19 - TA has now woken up. TC continues to exercise his wings.

11:30 - The box has returned to a state of four dozing, preening peregrines all in a row sheltering in the shade at the front of the box.

11:43 - Apparently on a whim, all four chicks have crowded at the near end of the box beneath the camera.

11:48 - Now we have two pairs of chicks; one at the far end, the other below the camera.

11:51 - Back to a row of four at the front of the box.

12:08 - The chicks continue to rearrange themselves. Currently we have three at the near (W) end of the box and one at the far end.

12:11 - A return to two pairs. One chick in each pair appears to be on lookout duty whilst the other dozes.

12:23 - The chicks are all together again at the near end of the box, although this time they are in a row rather than a scrum.

12:42 - Now they are in a group of three near the camera and one alone at the far end. They glance up.

12:44 - That arrangement didn't last long and we now have a chick in each corner.

12:46 - That has proven unsatisfactory and we're back to three below the camera and one at the far end.

13:00 - As I hand over to Julia, that's exactly where I leave them.

Weather hot and sunny, 26C wind WSW 6mph

13.00  Three chicks are pancaked on the camera side of the box, the fourth is upright on the other side, peering over the edge.  All are panting heavily. No rings visible. Various carcass remains litter the box

13.05  The fourth chick sinks beneath the parapet, seeking shade

13.06  Now three are upright, he fourth In the near corner is inert, beak wide open with tongue visible, eyes staring

13.13  TA is in one corner, the others together on the S side

13.17  All chicks now awake and moving, constantly panting. TD af front of box

13.22  Suddenly both cameras buffer for 2 minutes, but nothing has been missed

13.27  A group of flies is buzzing round and several chicks taking notice

13.33  A little more breeze now

13.34 One chick gets up, stretched wings and preens breast down

13.36  TC runs across box at speed to far corner, then waddles back

13.40  A wing stretch and some jostling

13.50  3/4 chicks are sitting up and panting, the fourth prostrate

13.58. TD is pancaked by the front parapet. Another chick takes a short walk

14.00  TD gets up and walks across the box, preens briefly and returns

14.05  All asleep. The flies are more active than the chicks

14.08  The chick in the front corner is awake, chin resting on the stonework. It sits up, looks over the manicured but empty playing fields and resumes the chin up position

14.21  All flat out, literally. It’s not surprising that no feeding is going on, as potential prey will be hiding away from the sun too

14.32  TB gets up, looks towards camera and then backs up, defaecating over the edge, before joining a hot sibling in the near corner

14.36  A chick in the far corner wakes and looks upwards

14.40  TB stretches out a leg on the near side of the box

14.56  The chicks are all in the shade now, less panting but still clearly very hot. They are built for all weathers though and as I hand over to James, I expect a feed will happen on his watch: the young peregrines will be glad of the fluid as well as the nourishment


15:00 The four chicks are resting in some partial shade, panting.  TC and TB rings visible

15:02 TA is alert in the corner

15:06 TA looks up intently

15:13 Another chick wakes and reveals its ring TD

15:19 TA relieves itself and then continues to be alert and preening.

15:21 TC is now preening

15:23 TB starts to preen and scratch with her foot

15:32 TD does some wing stretching and then settles

15:38 TB is now the alert chick and eventually settles at 15:44

15:44 TC moves across the box towards TB!  The box is now in full shade.

16:01 TD is preening

16:09 All chicks asleep.

16:26 Still all asleep

16:33 TC and TA wake, stand up and start to preen

16:37 TA starts to peck at the woodwork

16:44 GA arrives with food, chicks wake, call and join in except TA

16:46 TB starts to feed herself on a fresh morcel.  TA starts flapping her wings in the corner near the camera and pulls at an old carcass

16:50 One chick jumps up repeatedly to get food from GA as she pulls morcels off the carcass.

16:53 GA and a chick call suggesting possible arrival on spire of Tiercel but we cant see.

16:54 One chick and GA track an object

16:55 Three chicks are being fed well and then the fourth, (TA) muscles in for food.

15:59 TC is wing flapping at GA’s back

17:00 TC comes back for pudding!

17:02 GA turns round and starts feeding other chicks.

17:06 GA looks out and tracks object again

17:14 TB and TD have gone to sleep.  TA and TC continue to feed

17:18 TA is being fed on her own now.

17:20 TA and GA track a flying object

17:24  GA finally stands up, rests on the ledge and then leaves the box without the prey

17:28 Tiercel arrives and tucks into the remains of the prey.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Brendon Ollett, Colin Smith, Julia Leach and James Savage.