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May 29, 2020

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 29/05/20

Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees…
May 28, 2020

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 28/05/20

Weather: A beautiful, cloudless late May morning,…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 27/05/20

May 27, 2020
7:19 The first view of the day is of the four chicks lying around the platform. No sun at…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 20/05/20

7:16  Early morning sun is coming through the haze as GA snoozes right in front of the camera. The chicks are sprawled in the far corner, TA showing her leg ring.

7:27  GA has left the platform, and the Tiercel has arrived to feed the chicks. Although three are up and interested, the fourth chick is still lying at the back.

7:33  Like a platoon on parade, the three chicks watch as Dad is presumably feeding himself with his back to the camera.

7:36 Having finished the feed the Tiercel hops up close to the camera.  TD comes over into the near corner, and a second chick follows, but starts pulling on Dad’s tail, so he leaves, possibly to perch just off the platform on the spire.

7:39 The fourth chick reveals itself to be TB with a leg stretch in the background.

7:40 TD and TA engage in some ungainly wing flaps on unsteady legs.   By process of elimination, the tail puller must therefore have been TC.

7:42  Now TB wrestles with a food fragment at the far end, flapping her wings at the same time. Now TC has settled with his head in the corner, while the others are more active.   A feather floats up from TB’s activity, and the chick beside her watches as it floats away.

8:43 GA is getting her tail pulled by the chick in the near corner.   She moves a little to take temptation out of the way, only to find that the chick in the other corner starts nibbling at her toes!   She lifts her foot out of the way, but then decides she has had enough and leaves the platform.

9:00 The session starts with the four chicks alone again, spread out around the far end of the platform.   The antics of two of the chicks, pulling on the tail feathers and picking at the feet of GA drove her away around 15 minutes before.

9:08 GA returns for a minute, then heads off again in an Easterly direction.

9:09 One of the chicks makes its way over to the near front corner of the platform, interested in various bits and pieces.   It flops briefly in the front corner, but does not settle.

9:11  Two of the chicks are tracking and calling, then the near one moves to the far end of the platform and flops on the floor.   The one in the corner remains upright for the moment, still looking out and calling at intervals, possibly seeing one of the parents off in the distance.

9:15  The same chick has moved away from the corner, but is still looking out and calling from time to time.

9:16  I think it’s TA who has been calling.   If so, she moves back to the corner and settles on the floor again.

9:27 TB stands and stretches, then wobbles over close to the camera, interested in bits and pieces on the floor.   A little bit of wing flapping as she goes back to join the others.

9:29  Now it’s the turn of TD (I think!) to come to the near front corner, where she flops down, head into the corner.   Meanwhile, a sibling stands looking upward for a moment before settling down midway along the front of the platform.

9:54  It is evidently getting very warm, as the gaping chick indicates.   Another brief burst of calls as this one tracks something, presumably a parent.

10:00 The nearest chick to camera is the only one very awake, preening fairly actively.

10:02 The chick second from the far end has a brief few seconds of raising its head and gaping.

10:05 TD (I think!) is this wakeful one, and she keeps marching up and down, getting more stable on her feet each time.   She returns to the near front corner and flops down again.

10:12 TA at the far end has got up, and is moving around at the same time as the nearest chick to camera begins calling and looking up from its prone position.

10:14  The near chick, identified as TD when it stretches its leg, remains awake and head up, probably giving itself a crick in the neck!

10:16  TD gets up for a few moments to look around, before settling back, facing towards her sibling next to her.

10:20  Three out of four are moving about, and there is some calling and tracking going on, heads synchronised to follow whatever it is.

10:25  TB continues to be the one interested in her surroundings, picking at loose feathers on the floor in front of her.

10:28  TA is sprawled in the far corner, as TC comes over to join TB at this end.   Both alert and watching over the parapet for a moment, with TC in the corner.

10:34  TB appeared to be watching something in the sky, but it didn’t last.

10:39 TB is again interested in her surroundings as TC succeeds in getting the feather in the corner to take to the air and fly away on the breeze.   TC has a stretch before settling back down in the corner.

10:42 TB shuffles closer to the corner and lays down in front of TC, who also then tries to lay down, causing TB to stand up again.

10:49  TC has stirred in the near corner, and is now watching the surroundings before preening behind his wing.

10:50  TC is actively tracking for a moment, but makes no noise.   TA at the far end is now up and looking around too.

10:53  TC is currently the only one awake. The order appears to be TC, TD, TB and TA at the far end.

10:54  Brief burst of calling from TA at the far end.

10:56 Flying visit from GA with food, but she doesn’t stay for more than a few seconds.

Got their attention though, as they all stand up.

11:00  The session ends with all four awake and looking around for food (maybe!).

11.00 It’s a beautiful sunny day.  BBC weather app registers 22 centigrade and a gentle breeze.

Currently 2 chicks are looking over the edge of the box and 2 chicks are lying flaked out.

There are plenty of flies around.

11.05.The 2 chicks that are standing preen in the sunshine.

11.06.The same 2 chicks spot something and call out but the adults do not show.

11.07.One of the same 2 chicks wanders towards camera then lies down.It then stands up gain.  It is hot and they are both panting.

11.08.They all lie down along the edge of the box.

11.09.All four lying down doesn’t last for long as the 2 chicks nearest the cam stand.  They pant.  Beaks open.

11.10.Only one chick is standing and preening.

11.11.Now 2 chicks stand and preen.  They are fidgety.

11.14.The chick nearest the camera finishes preening, falls forward momentarily before standing again.

11.16. chicks wander about pecking at feathers in the gravel.

11.16.One of the chicks has a big wing stretch.

11.18.One chick moves slowly to the far end of the box.  It then lies down to doze like the other three.

11.19.This doesn’t lasting as it stands and waddles back towards camera.  It’s beak is open as it pants.  It then stands still and preens, pecks at gravel and has a wing stretch which causes it to overbalance and it falls forwards.  It then gains it’s composure and peers over the edge of the box - the other chicks snooze.

11.23.A second chick struggles to it’s feet and preens.

11.27 One of the chicks runs to Cam R and has a big wing stretch.  It then looks out over the edge facing south.  It’s beak is open

11.28 The chick furthest away from camera has been comatose until now.  It stirs, scratches it’s head using it’s foot and lays down again.   

The chick nearest camera remains watchful and fidgety.

11.31.Three of the chicks look up, beaks in air, in unison they watch something pass.

11.33.They are all lying down.  The chick nearest camera is very hot.  The others don’t appear to be panting as much.  This could be an optical illusion because the picture quality is better in the foreground and the other chicks are panting just as much.

11.36 The chick at the far end stretches.

11.38.It then defecates.

11.40.There is a comedy moment when the chick at the far end briefly picks up and tosses a large feather.

11.41 The chick at the far end preens while the others like prostrate visibly panting.

11.45 Two of the chicks look over the edge & preen.

11.49.At last I can see a ring tag!  TA picks at stones & waddles to camera before collapsing momentarily by the edge of the box.  She is large.

11.51 They all move and bunch up near the camera before dispersing again.

11.53.Two of the chicks stand up and look over the edge.

12.00.As the hour passes two of the chicks are sitting up and 2 are resting.

It’s all quiet as I hand over to Graham.

12.00, just taken over from Suzanna. 

12.09, all quiet, all in a line, front of the box. 

12.18, Hot up there, beaks wide open.

12.54, yes action! two chicks have woken up!

12.57, one chick looking out, wondering where dinner is. 

13.00, end of shift, now handing over to Liam. 

13:00 – All chicks are resting at the front edge

13:05 – All chicks are resting at the front edge, TA calling

13:10 – All chicks are resting at the front edge

13:15 – 3 chicks resting at the edge, 1 female in the corner

13:20 – 2 chicks resting at the edge, 1 female in the corner and TC in the other corner

13:25 – 3 2hicks resting at the far side (away from the camera) One in the corner

13:30 – 2 chicks resting on the far side (TD and TC) and 2 on the near side

13:35 – 2 chicks resting on the far side (TD and TC) and 2 on the near side

13:40 – 1 female on the near side has moved to join the other 2 on the far side

13:45 – 3 chicks on the far side, 1 on the near side

14:00 – All 4 chicks on the far side

15:00 – All 4 chicks on the far side

15.00 : chicks in corner, two preening, two sleeping

15:07 all chicks settle and sleep

15:24 GA returns with a kill (unclear what species) GA begins to tear of chunks and feed chicks.

15:47 GA finishes feeding chicks

15:48 GA jumps onto ledge and leaves

15:50 one chick moves towards camera

16:09 male returns, though no food is brought. Picks at scraps of previous kill

16:14 male stands on ledge

16:19 male leaves nest

17:00 end of log 

Thank you to today’s volunteers; Peter Ducker, Graham Long, Eileen Wyatt, Liam Barker and Ben Vince.