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March 29, 2020

Nowich Peregrine Activity Log-29/03/20

The start of British Summer Time leaves the…
March 28, 2020

Norwich Peregrines Daily Nest Blog- 28/03/20

Temperature: 8, Wind: 20mph from North-East 08:25…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Online Blog- 27/03/20

Mar 27, 2020
06:22 Watch starts 06:22 Male incubating eggs, head facing north. 06:23 Female flies in…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Log – 26/03/2020

Weather – A beautiful Spring day; warm sun, cool breeze, cloudless skies

07.40 – GA incubating the eggs on a sunny but very chilly morning.

08.40 – At some point while I was having breakfast there’s been a changeover  – the tiercel has taken over brooding and is having a snooze, facing away from the wind & towards the spire.

08.53 – He’s awake and having a good look around, often peering up the spire.

08.58 – The tiercel moves around, all four eggs on show as he turns to face the side camera.

09.20 – GA returns and lands on the edge of the platform, calling a couple of times to encourage the male to move off. As he leaves, she briefly rearranges the eggs and takes over incubation.

09.29-09.35 – Obviously not comfortable enough before! GA changes position and spends a few minutes picking at the gravel around the nest scrape. A good look at the eggs while she does her housekeeping shows they’re all intact, before she eventually settles back down (still fiddling with stones).

09.50-10.00 – Yet more fidgeting from GA, repeatedly picking at stones and back of the platform, and rearranging the eggs.

10.24 – GA has finally been settled for a while, though quite alert and every now and then peering up the spire and scanning the sky.

10.55 – Another shuffle and repositioning of the eggs, then back to dozing in the sun. 

11.00 – GA very alert and looking around.

11:00 - GA on the eggs.

11:14 - GA suddenly very alert, sitting bolt upright, gazing intently over the edge of the platform. After a few moments whatever had caught her attention has gone, she turns the eggs and settles again.

11:20 - A fly causes GA some displeasure. A quick peck and the fly wisely vacates the box.

11:22 - The fly has returned. GA gives it her best Paddington hard stare.

11:31 - GA suddenly very alert, looking out of the box and moments later, in comes the tiercel. Changeover! GA wastes no time exiting the box stage right (thus not being pursued by a bear). The male 'chucks' at the eggs, as is his wont, before settling.

11:32 - A bit more vocalisation from the male.

11:50 - The tiercel appears to be struggling to stay awake. Every now and then something attracts his attention but then his head droops, eyes close....

12:12 - The tiercel continues to sit tight, the occasional wriggle to get comfortable but at no point so far has he attempted turn the eggs.

12:17 - As if on cue, the tiercel gets up and rearranges the eggs and himself, turning 270 degrees clockwise in the process.

12:19 - Obviously not satisfied with how he's got the eggs arranged, the tiercel continues to shuffle the eggs and himself.

12:21 - Finally satisfied, he settles.

12:25 - The tiercel calls repeatedly at something off camera.

12:26 - Craning his head to look upwards leads me to believe GA has returned but if she has, she's keeping away from the nest for the time being.

12:27 - The tiercel has settled again.

12:30 - The tiercel calls again at something off camera.

12:35 - Again he settles himself.

12:37 - The tiercel rearranges himself and the eggs again.

12:38 - The tiercel calls, looking upwards. GA Flying by? In the process he reveals the clutch.

13:00 - Welcome Sarah and George.

13.00 The tiercel is alert while incubating the eggs in the midday sun while his feathers gently rustle in the breeze.

13.03 He has a good look upwards and appears to track something for a few minutes. No calling heard so possibly not GA.

13.15 He has a good shuffle round and we get a nice glimpse of 2 of the 4 eggs.

13.20 The tiercel briefly closed his eyes but not for long, he’ soon back to his wide-eyed alert self having a good look around.

14.08 After a period of inactivity the Tiercel starts to chatter whilst looking upwards, this lasts a few minutes but no sign of GA.

14.25 The tiercel, who has now been incubating the eggs for some time, has another shuffle around and exposes the eggs momentarily.

14.29 More chattering can be heard, and he appears more unsettled this time having a good look around.

14.43 Lifting and tilting his head appearing to be bothered by something out of sight.

15:00 Tiercel shuffles eggs and moves round clockwise

 15:09 T alert and looks around intently and gently calls

 15:29 T looks around to the East, very alert, ??food arriving….

 15:41 T shuffles eggs again and turns anticlockwise

 16:03 T bothered by the fly!

 16:17 T moves eggs round again and settles clockwise and move gravel around

 16:28 Another egg move, glimpse of eggs and settling anticlockwise

 16:35 four Humans seen playing at one end of the Norwich School tennis courts!

No change of incubation in this two hours.

A big thank you to todays volunteers for taking this blog; Mike Hoit, Colin Smith, Sarah Purton and George Waters and James Savage.