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July 14, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 14/07/2019

Last watch of the season! The juveniles will…
July 13, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 13/07/19

Weather- drizzle in the morning sunshine in the…

Norwich Cathedral Activity Log- 12/07/19

Jul 13, 2019
Weather- overcast 9.30 1 juvenile on the edge of the nest box, it then flew off calling.…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/19

Weather: Sunshine! Good conditions for wing training

10:00 – GA 3 down on the East. YS low on a roof next to the Dean’s house.

10:05 – GA flies North

10:15 – GA flew in with prey (a pigeon) and lands three down from the middle window. Male lands three down from the top.

10:35 – Male came in watching down from the top

10:40 – Male attacks gull, chases it South. Two juveniles on the North side of the bell tower, one on the crenelations and one on the fleur-de-lis.

11:27 – Male two down on the East, GA same position as earlier

11:45 – Male mobs a gull. GA moves down to three crockets from the bottom window. Male lands.

12:00 – GA flies in with prey and delivers it to juvenile on the bell tower on the North side.

12:06 – Male mobs a gull.

12:10 – GA and the male flying around the close. GA landed 5 down on the East side. Male went South

12:26 – GA flew South

12:42 – GA flies in at speed and lands 5 down at the East side, calling to the juveniles.

12:46 – Male flies West

13:13 – GA flies East

13:19 – Male circling the spire

14:00 – GA lands three down on the East. YS squawks

14:30 – GA flew off again

14:40 – GA and the male flying high. Juveniles on the bell tower, YS in the same position as earlier (on the roof)

14:50 – Male landed on the spire

14:52 – Male stoops on to a pigeon and misses! GA flew in. Both birds flying. Juvenile calls, GA landed and hopped around to the North side of the spire.

14:56 – Juvenile flew out! And then back to the bell tower on the East side.

15:00 – Male catches a pigeon. GA flies out. Food pass! GA flew around the spire and a juvenile flew out to chase her! GA lands on the front turret on the East side and juvenile joins her.

15:15 – YS flew West! GA flew after her with prey. Male chased a gull, then the gull chased GA!

15:20 – GA flew back around without prey and lands on the North

15:40 – YS lands on the turret, very low, right hand side.

15:51 – YS flew and landed on the bell tower. GA and another juvenile seen on the North side.

15:54 – Both adults overhead

15:55 – GA lands level with the top window.

Thanks to Mari Smith for help with todays blog.