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Bath Peregrines News Feed

July 15, 2019

Bath Peregrines - Live Feed

The Bath Peregrines live feed is now back online.…
June 11, 2019

Bath Peregrines - Live Feed

The live feed from the nest box camera at St…

Juvenile TX is Back in Bath

May 31, 2019
Female TX, which left the nest box backwards on 18 May having ‘won’ a tug o’ war over a…

Fledging looms ever closer

As fledging time approaches at Bath [L to R below: TW (f), TV (f) and TR (m)] we’re hoping it will be incident free this year: no chimney falls, no swimming in the Avon, no scuttling across main roads, no hiding under parked cars, no commandeering of bicycles, no visits to the police cells.......