Sculthorpe Fen Project News (2)

February 25, 2020
Sculthorpe Fen Project News Laura Wharton

Get on Board!

Help us build a new boardwalk at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve It’s an exciting time at Sculthorpe. Work on extending the reserve began last summer…

River Wensum Silt Trap

Work is now complete on our silt trap! Working with Environment Agency and Water Management Alliance (Internal Drainage Board IDB) to produce this feature that benefits the reserve, the widlife and the River Wensum downstream!

See our timelapse video of the work: 

Part way down our new western boundary we are working, with @WaterManagementAlliance to put in a silt trap. This will slow the watering entering the reserve, allowing the excess, nutrient-rich suspended particles that have run off from surrounding farmland to drop out. The, now clean, water enters the reserve before ultimately joining the River Wensum. Collected silt in the trap will be dug out every c. 2 years and, in the meantime, form wonderful wildlife-friendly rank growth, or even reed bed. #cleanwater