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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 10/06/20

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
8.03 TD is seen perching on a very low wall on the NE side of the cathedral near Norwich School. 8.21 TD took flight and cannot be seen. 9.25 TA and TC are on the NW turret and TB is thought to be on the roof of the nave. GA is two crockets down on the N of…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/20- TD and TB Fledged!

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
5-30-6.00 TD fledged and landed on the East side of the South Transept above some scafolding, 5.40 GA flew in with prey and left without plucking or feeding. 6.23 Two chicks remain on the platform one is the male TC that fledged on Sunday but returned to the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 08/06/20 The Second Chick (TA) Fledged

June 08, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Following his first flight yesterday TC is spotted this morning. 6.49 The three female chicks are in the nest box and TC is spotted on a roof below the belltower (presbytery) 6.53 TC then flew to the North Transept roof and was heard calling for food. 7.03 TC…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 11/06/20

10.01 Juvenile on the NE Turret.

10.31 GA 2 crockets down on the W. Tiercel flew in with prey.

10.36 Tiercel flew off and landed 2 crockets down on the W.

10.42 2 Juveniles on the E Turret, 1 juvenile flew off from the W turret.

10.43 Juvenile landed on the NE turret.

10.45 Tiercel is plucking prey, GA on W side of the spire.

10.49 1 Juvenile on the back of the NW turret, 2 juveniles in the air and both the adults are perched on the spire.

11.04 1 Juvenile landed on the crenulations on the bell tower.

11.13 GA chases a Buzzard towards the E.

11.24 GA flew in with prey and the male also lands on the spire. GA feeding 3 juveniles on the NW turret.

11.27 GA flew off.

11.31 1 Juvenile and the Tiercel in flight.

11.34 3 juveniles on the turret still feeding the 4th juvenile in on the pinnacle by the lover window and then joins the other 3. All 6 birds are in view.

13.52 GA 4 crockets down o the S side, 4 juveniles on the NW turret and the tiercel on the arch of the middle window.

14.12 All 4 juveniles are asleep together on the NW turret They have been there since their last feed at 11.30.

1424 Tiercel returns to the platform and eats some scraps there. 

14.43 Tiercel perches on top of the camera

15.05 Tiercel does a circuit of the spire and lands on age SW turret. All juveniles are begging for food squawking

15.10 Tiercel flies off West and then returns to land on top of window in centre of spire

15.10 GA leaves crocket and flies East

15.15 GA returns with prey and circles around South of the spire in order to gain height

15.20 GA lands on the golden bales to pluck the pigeon she has caught

15.20 TD takes off and lands behind the spire and is then unsighted

15.29 Tiercel chases off a gull. GA takes prey and flies around with it. Both adults are in the air Juveniles can see GA flying low with prey.

15.30 GA returns to the golden bales with her prey and plucks it. All juveniles are now back on the turret awaiting their prey to be dropped

15.40 Unknown male peregrine flies South

15.42 One juvenile flies south then lands on the ledge below the roundels on the West sideof the spire

15.45 GA takes her prey to the three juveniles on the NW turret and feeds them 1 juvenile still sits on the ledge below the roundels and has therefore not had the feed  Juvenile from the ledge flies up to crenulations on the bell tower.

16.00  Heavy rain sets in so we head home for the day.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Sarah Purton, George Waters, Brendon Ollett, Julia Leach, Eileen Wyatt and Graham Long. 


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