Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 08/06/20 The Second Chick (TA) Fledged

Following his first flight yesterday TC is spotted this morning.

6.49 The three female chicks are in the nest box and TC is spotted on a roof below the belltower (presbytery)

6.53 TC then flew to the North Transept roof and was heard calling for food.

7.03 TC is mobbed by a gull, the tiercel comes to his aid and chases the gull away. 

7.35 GA took food to the nest platform and TC flew up to the East side of the bell tower.

7.37 TC is seen on the fleu de leis at the back on the E side of the spire. 

8.50 The Tiercel flew into the nest box with food. TC is now seen on the front right fleu de leis.

8.58 TC flew two circuits of the spire and landed three crockers above the middle window on the W side. He stayed there until 11am. 

10.03 All six birds in view GA on the window arch above the nest box, the three female chicks are in the nest, TC in the smae postion and the male two crockets down from the top.

10.35 TA fledges from the nest platform and lands on the roof above the refectory/ dark entrance. 

11.53 TC is still three crockets above the middle window and TA still on the roof. TA slides a little on the roof tiles but finally manages to scramble up to the top and perches there for a while. 

12.01 GA flew in with prey  (pigeon) and lands on the golden bales and plucks.

12.02 TC takes flight and does a circuit of the spire almost lands next to GA but then flies down and lands one crocket above the nest box. There is no sign of the two remaning chicks in the nest box they are lying down out of sight. TC peers into the nest.

12.08 TC jumps down into the nest to join TB and TD and must be lying down as he dissapears out of sight. 

12.41 Two gulls mob TA and he moves along the roof towards the refectory. The Tiercel has landed two crockets down below GA.

13.14 After feeding herself GA finally takes the prey into the nest box. After a few minutes she flies out leaving the prey with the chicks. She then lands below the top window in the middle of the spire. After feeding all three chicks perch on the edge of the box with full crops.Then follows a big lull the chicks preen and sleep and there is very low activity. TA  is ocassionally seen poping his head up on the refectory roof. 

15.50 No chicks can be seen on platform.  They have recently had a feed

15.54 GA flies off to the West
16.07 Tiercel flies to golden bales with pray which he begins to pluck
16.19 GA returns to spire and lands on 4th crocket down centrally and begins to preen
16.27 One chick now perched on the side of the platform
16.30 Tiercel still plucking prey on bales
1642 Three chicks perched on side of platform. A lot of calling
16.51 Two chicks on the side of the platform
17.00 Tiercel on golden bales, GA on crockets, two chicks can be seen perched on platform
Thank you to todays volunteers for helping to locate the birds and for some of the blog and photos; Maureen Irvine, Mike Harmer, Graham Long, Eileen Wyatt, Richard Edwards and Chris Skipper and Kim Paul and Ian Marrison. 

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