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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 11/06/20

June 11, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
10.01 Juvenile on the NE Turret. 10.31 GA 2 crockets down on the W. Tiercel flew in with prey. 10.36 Tiercel flew off and landed 2 crockets down on the W. 10.42 2 Juveniles on the E Turret, 1 juvenile flew off from the W turret. 10.43 Juvenile landed on the…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 10/06/20

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
8.03 TD is seen perching on a very low wall on the NE side of the cathedral near Norwich School. 8.21 TD took flight and cannot be seen. 9.25 TA and TC are on the NW turret and TB is thought to be on the roof of the nave. GA is two crockets down on the N of…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/20- TD and TB Fledged!

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
5-30-6.00 TD fledged and landed on the East side of the South Transept above some scafolding, 5.40 GA flew in with prey and left without plucking or feeding. 6.23 Two chicks remain on the platform one is the male TC that fledged on Sunday but returned to the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 04/06/20

Weather: Much cooler than of late. Overcast. There is a stiff breeze blowing across the box.

8.50 Chicks home alone.

8.54 Chicks look around.

9.01 Chicks preening.

9.20 Chicks look around and start to call.

9.22 Chicks walk around in the box.

9.26 GA returns with food and feeds the chicks.

9.38 Chick hopped on to the ledge.

9.42 GA flies off.

9.43 Chick flapping on the ledge.

9.46 Chicks start to call.

9.52 Chick hopped back into the box.

9.54 Chick stretching its wings.

9.59 Chick preening cleaning its feathers.

10.14 Chick shaking its feathers.

10.15 Chicks stretching its wings

10.21 Chicks huddled together.

11:00 - The four chicks are gathered together in the near (NW) corner, lying down.

11:04 - One of the chicks stretches its wing across the back of its neighbour.

11:08 - The chick nearest the camera stands and preens.

11:15 - The chick second nearest the camera has a stretch, relieves itself over the edge of the box and then disturbs the chick third from the camera. This one gets up and then jumps onto the front edge of the box where it preens.

11:27 - The chick nearest the camera goes for a stroll, treading on the chick furthest from the camera which gets up and starts to preen.

11:36 - The bird on the edge of the box re-enters. Currently there are two birds preening and two lying down.

11:41 - TB briefly exercises her wings.

11:49 - TB has a stretch and a single flap of the wings.

11:50 - Suddenly, she's on the edge of the box, flapping vigorously. This inspires TC to join in and he begins flapping furiously and jumps onto the edge of the box as well. One of the chicks calls at something flying past. They all watch. TB re-enters the box.

11:56 - The chicks crane their heads right back to watch something fly overhead. TD starts exercising.

11:58 - TC, the chick on the edge of the box, flaps vigorously.

12:18 - One of TC's sisters wanders over and helps preen his tail.

12:20 - TC stretches, causing him to balance one legged on the edge of the box.

12:27 - One of the chicks calls briefly.

12:29 - The chicks call in unison, moving their heads in a co-ordinated manner to watch what must be one of the parents flying by.

12:33 - TA exercises her wings enough to lift her body without actually taking off.

12:46 - TC stretches, still standing on the edge. One of his sisters wanders over to nibble at his talons!

12:56 - A couple of the chicks call out at, probably at one of the adults.

12:58 - TC stands on the SE corner of the box and exercises his wings.

12:59 - TD runs back and forth across the box. TC resumes wing flapping on the corner.

13:01 - TD spreads her wings, filling the box in the process.

13:02 - TC re-enters the box. After a short technical hitch, Julia takes over.

Weather 14C cloudy but bright, wind NNW 13mph

13.00  It's breezy up the spire, and all four chicks are lively, I can't see who is who just yet in the melée of hopping and wing stretching, two of them are at it, one up on the side

13.05  TC is jumping around holding a bit of old prey in his talons

13.08  TC jumps up to side, then straight down again

13.09  All looking up

13.11  TC scratches his beak then preens right leg.  One sister nibbles his talons, after which he jumps back into the box

13.11  One chick is in each corner, all preening

13.14  TD is jumping around exercising her wings

13.17  TB walks to centre stage, defaecates in box then turns to face camera
13.18  TB pulling at prey remnant, then preens. 

Tennis doubles going on on school courts

13.25  TD heads across to near side to watch a fly intently.  TC and TA are asleep

13.29  TB removes some down, which gets stuck in her beak so she claws it off.  She tries to climb over TC who wakes up.  TB defaecates over side and goes to settle in camera corner

13.32  TA tries to settle close to TC.  TD upright and watchful

13.34  TD stretches her wings, look over the edge and then up above.  TB, nearest the camera, has her head tucked into her wing

13.35  TD flapping her wings vigorously, picks up old pray and bounces around, then turns her back on the camera

13.38  TD picks up old prey on far side of the box and has a nibble, thn hops round the sleeping TC, pecks at food and stretches her wing over TC

13.41  TD looks around, bobs her head a few times, preens, tramples on TC, crowds into him and starts to peck/pull at prey again

13.43  TC has been woken.  He preens briefly.  TD continues to shove at him with her feet and eventually he moves

13.47  Juveniles are settling now, TA and TB have their heads tucked into their wings

13.52  TA gets up, defaecates over the side and settles back into the dozy pile of chicks

14.00  All four are settled and sleeping

14.15  All the young peregrines are flat out

14.27  Minor movements all round, but they settle down again

14.32  One juvenile awake and preening, but not for long

14.34  Another wakes and remains watchful from a sitting position for a few minutes, pecks at a prey feather then settles down again

14.59  Apart from minor shuffles, they have been asleep for the rest of the watch

15:00 All four chicks are flat out and asleep still

15:09 One chick wakes and relieves itself

15:13 Two chicks are alert.  One wing stretches and forgets to bring its right wing back in so the neighbouring chick rests her head on the outstretched wing.  Another chick tracks object behind the camera and then up the spire

15:18 All chicks are back asleep.

15:23 All four chicks have heads up and some gently calling.

15:26 Two chicks stand up and start preening

15:27 Something flies overhead

15:29 TC feeds on some left overs

15:31 TC hops onto the front of box ledge and starts to preen as do TA and one other female.

15:33 TC stands on one leg and scratches neck whilst balancing on ledge

15:35 TB nearest camera stands on one leg and preens in the box

15:37 All four chicks are alert, standing and watchful.

15:39 Two chicks track flying object (TB and TD).

15:43 An adult is seen approaching the box from below with food but fails to land.  All chicks are crying out for food.

15:44 GA (I think) lands with prey and leaves it, she enters near the camera and leaves the other end!  TB tucks in, the rest of the chicks scream for more food.

15:46 TA screams. TC relieves himself over edge of box

15:47 TA grabs prey and takes to camera end and feeds.  It looks like pigeon from the colour.  TA has a distinctive white downy feather on the back of her neck centrally today where the others don’t.

15:50 TA has tug of war with TB and takes food to far edge to continue feed.

15:51 TC tracks flying object

15:53 More food calling especially from TD.

15:54 TA continues to feed, the rest are watchful.

15:55 Presumed adult flying round the spire.

15:56 TD moves in to feed.

15:58 TC is on the ledge, turns round and nearly misses footing.  TD works hard to grab food off TA.  TC and TB preen.

16:00 TD gives up feeding and moves over to camera end and keeps a lookout.

16:02 TC moves along ledge and comes in box to try and feed.

16:11 TC is now feeding.  TD and TA are preening and watchful at the front of box.

16:13 TA and TD track something

16:14 TC goes back up on ledge, wing flaps and looks scary!  TA bobs head up and down.

16:17 Double wing stretch from TD and TB

16:23 All four chicks track and adult flying back and forth

16:26 TB starts to feed on scraps

16:32 TB leaves the feed.  All chicks are watchful.

16:33 More tracking, TA wing flapping

16:35 TA calls out and tracks an adult

16:41 More tracking, TA wing flapping

16:53 TA keeps looking up spire, the others preen.

16:55 TA and TD call out again and look down and then wing stretch.

16:57 TB and TC rattle beaks and he teeters on the edge of box.

17:00 All four chicks are on lookout with TC on far corner of ledge.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Brendon Ollett, Colin Smith, Julia Leach and James Savage.


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