Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 03/06/20

7:22       The chicks seem to be just stirring, although one in the far corner of the platform is not yet interested.

               Something I’ve not seen before is chicks preening each other.   TB is one of the three in this corner, and while they are all standing up, she buries her beak into the feathers of her sibling (possibly TC) and after a second or two emerges with a downy feather.

7:27       Two chicks, possibly TB and TD, are following something in the air above them.

7:39       All four chicks have settled back down again.   The temperature today is not expected to be as high as yesterday, and now with downy feathers along the edges of the parapet, it is evidently breezy again.

8:08       TC, I’m supposing, is on the parapet, while one of his sisters is preening.   The other two are again flat out on the floor.

8:37       TC is visiting the parapet again, but his sister’s (TD?) attention to his talons eventually disturbs him enough that he hops back down onto the platform.

               Evidence of a recent meal is visible in the middle of the platform, presumably brought in since the previous view at 8:08.

8:44       Two of the girls peer intently over the parapet down towards the ground.   TB at the far end soon joins in, but then turns away and begins feeding from the remnants of the prey that was brought in earlier.

8:48       TC has a stretch in the near corner, then turns to watch TB feeding.   The other two are still in the near front corner, bobbing their heads almost in unison.

8:51       TC mounts the parapet again.   One of the sisters in the near corner stretches her wings.   Apart from TB still eating in the far corner the other three are watching in various directions.   Downy feathers continue to be whipped into the air, which also holds their attention .

8:54       TC plus one sister this end, stare up together at the spire.   TB is evidently getting a significant feed from the carcass, which is beginning to look used up as she drags it around to turn it over.

9:00       The actual session starts with TC perched on the parapet preening.   TB, who has been feeding for the last 15 minutes, has just finished with the remnants, and comes over to the near end of the platform.   TD is in the front near corner with TA beside her, and they are both preening in between sessions of watching over the parapet.

9:04       TB moves back to the far end and begins a vigorous bout of wing flapping.

9:05       TC mounts the parapet again, with more energetic flapping.   He then stands with wings out as the air flows around him.

9:06       TC’s wing flapping has him launch off the parapet and landing nearly on one of his sisters!

9:07       TC is soon back on the parapet, almost appearing to fly up there!   His sisters all seemto be giving him a wide berth!

9:10       Another bit of vigorous wing exercise from TD, then she walks to the far end to see whether she can irritate TC by picking at his feet and feathers.

9:14       TC gets his own back by preening TD’s head, so she moves over to the near corner and investigates the  bolts holding the camera bracket.   Memories of the cable tampering last year!

9:28       TC raises his tail, then hops down to flop with his sisters in the near corner.   TA, who has been picking at the remnants, has finished and stands mid –platform for a bit of wing exercise.   She too reverses up to the parapet, then flaps her wings again and launches herself at the food.

9:32       TA drags the remains around towards the other chicks, the reverses track back to the other end.   She then comes back AGAIN, still dragging the food, and muscles in on the group at this end, rousing TB up briefly.    TB has a quick look over the parapet, then starts to settle in the corner, before getting up again and hanging her tail over the parapet too!   She then moves off towards the far end and squats watching the surroundings.

9:50       TB gets into preening, and stands up properly to get better reach to those more awkward places.   She is currently the only one awake.   All the others are snoozing at the near end of the platform.

9:55       TB is preening so vigorously that she almost falls over!   Her activity has left her with some downy fluff clinging to her beak.   It dislodges as she continues preening.

10:00     Another stretch and extending of both wings for TB.   The down is disappearing quite quickly.

10:03     TB demonstrates her balance as she retracts one leg and stares up into the sky.

10:06     TB has another elegant stretch of one wing and leg, then turns and picks at the feathers on the end of a wing remnant.

10:08     More wing stretching, followed by vigorous flapping

               She has picked up a small fragment of something while flapping, but drops it as she rushes about,

10:10     TB again attacks a food remnant that is lying on the floor.   For one moment, it looks like she is going to get onto the parapet, but instead she shoves into the front corner and disturbs TA, before returning to the far end with more wing flapping.

10:13     TB and TA both take a look up the spire for a few seconds, but nothing is going on to hold their attention.   After a further minute of standing in the middle, TB comes and flops down beside the others, although TA is now watching the sky again.

10:26     Possible sighting of one of the parents in the distance.   Chicks are all awake, and TB is up again.   The rest just lay and watch.   No calling at this point.

10:29     TD rouses up and stretches her wings.   Now two watching the skies.   Then the other two also get up, as if they sense something is about to happen….

10:31     TC gets back on the parapet at the far end for more flapping

               Really vigorous now!   He stands, wings open, feeling the wind.   If it was just a little stronger, he could almost float off!   But he doesn’t – a few more flaps and he returns to the platform and starts picking over some food fragment, while his sisters send up more fluffy feathers into the air with their collective preening.

10:43     TC continues to pick food fragments, while one of his sisters continues to preen in the middle of the platform.   The other two are snoozing in opposite corners.

10:46     TC has finished his picking, and comes to join his sister in the near corner.   The one preening leans gently against him as she continues her work.

10:49     Now the chick in the near corner stirs up and begins looking around.   TC settles down on the floor.

11:00     Session ends with possibly TB holding centre stage, TC lying beside her, an the other two in opposite corners.


It's 16c, overcast and fairly windy in Norwich

As I start my shift 2 chicks are lying f/ground left and 1 chick laying b/g R.  

I notice how much they have matured over the last week.  

TB is standing in the middle preening.  She wing stretches and carries on preening

facing away from camera.


TB looks up spire and wing stretches.  She calls out as she looks up the spire.


TB looks south still with her back to camera.


There is a lot more wing flapping from TB


3 of the chicks are standing (apologies for not being able to identify them

but all 3 of my devices are buffering from time to time).  TB is doing more wing

stretching and infant taking up most of the box.

She also does a lot of “head bobbing” as she looks around.  She is definitely very alert.


TB’s head tilts back as she looks up the tower.  The chick furthest from the camera is preening and wing stretching.   TD is sitting camera L.  I notice that very little white down is visible on TB as she faces away from camera.


The chick furthest from camera lays down to rest.  TB turns and defecates over the edge before sitting down f/ground.  Despite being close to camera she appears to be a big bird in comparison to the others.


The 3 f/ground chicks stand.  One of the chicks then sits down but TD and TB remain standing as they look around.  Eventually TB sits facing north.  TD is sitting preening.

11.24.12 A VISIT FROM GA

TD looks up the spire and calls loudly.  GA arrives and they all stand and look towards her.  The noise is deafening as they all call and communicate with each other.  She doesn’t stay long before jumping off the ledge and away south east.


After that excitement all 4 youngsters continue to stand and preen.


The chick at the far end cleans meat from a discarded prey wing bone.  The other 3 stand and lookout towards the south horizon.


A few white down feathers float around.


The f/ground chick lays down leaving 2 standing and the 4th chick picking at the wing bone.  


The tiercel then arrives with more prey and turns and leaves very quickly as one of the chicks grabs it from him.  Again there is much calling.  The f/ground chick is interested in watching the adult disappear.  


There is more calling.  The chick f/ground is eating the prey brought in by the tiercel.


More wing stretching and calling.


They all turn their heads to look up the spire.


TC jumps onto the edge of the box and scratches watched by 2 of his sisters.

One of his sisters pecks at this feet and he nearly overbalances.  On the whole though he looks

pretty secure up there.


TC is still on the edge - standing tall and preening.


As above.  The other 3 are in the box standing and preening.


The f/ground juvenile is picking at a prey bone - TC is on the edge preening and the other 2 are standing at the east end of the box.


They watch something fly past west to east.  I couldn’t see what it was sadly.


TC - on the high bar (!) does a balanced leg stretch and starts to preen.


The chick at the east end flaps it’s wings vigorously.  They are all standing now and looking attentively out of the box.  The 3 f/g chicks watch another bird flying west (heads turning in unison).


the f/g juvenile tries to remove meat stuck on it’s beak but tipping it’s head back. This doesn’t work

and so eventually she removes it using the talons on her right foot.


f/g juvenile lies down to rest.

TC is still doing acrobatics on the edge.

One chick defecates.

And the 4th chick furtherst from camera is standing looking over the edge.


TC balanced on edge and chick at far end both call out.  There is no response from

the adults.


TC continues to preen on the edge.


TD calls as she turns to face camera.


As I hand over to Graham it is heart in mouth time again as TC runs along the edge wing flapping.

12.00, Taking over from Suzanna, probably for the last time this season ?

12.01, as normal TC mucking about on the ledge of the box. 

12.09, I wonder what these lot are expecting. 

12.32, all four juveniles still waiting patiently for dinner. 

12.44, this isn't looking very promising. 

13.00, shift over, now handing over to Liam. With the four juveniles still fast asleep. 

13:00 – All four juveniles are resting in the corner closest to the camera

13:15 – All three female juveniles are resting in the corner closest to the camera, TC standing up

13:20 – All four juveniles are resting in the corner closest to the camera

13:41 – TTA and TB resting, TD is standing, TC stretching his wings

13:45 – All four juveniles are resting in the corner closest to the camera

13:51 – Ga returned for a second then left, juveniles are all calling for her

13:55 – TC on the ledge, TD flapping wings, TA resting and TB is standing

13:36 – TC flaps his wings but drops back in, joins TD in eating leftovers, TB and TA still standing

14:00 – TD and TC still eating, TB and TA preening

14:10 – All juveniles are walking about

14:15 – TA flapping her wings a lot near the ledge

14:20 – TA is still flapping her wings a lot near the ledge, the rest are idle

14:25 – TA and TD both sitting hear the ledge, TC is eating and TB is preening

14:30 – All four are standing up, looking for their parents

14:35 – All juveniles are moving about the nest, watching their parents

14:40 – All juveniles are moving about the nest, watching their parents

14:45 – They've all gone back to bed

14:50 – TA is preening, the rest are resting

14:55 – TA is walking around, the rest are resting

15:00 – TA is standing, the rest are resting

15.00pm 3 of the chicks are huddled and sleeping whilst TA remains alert and upright.

15:02pm TA now lies down and rejoins her siblings in a warm bundle of chicks

15:18pm TC, the tiercel chick, gets up and defecates over the side of the platform, calls to his parents (to no avail), has a wander around the platform and exercises his wings on the ledge before returning back to his siblings in the warm bundle

15:29pm All of the chicks call frantically as one of the adult birds sits above them but in less than a minute we see the adult fly West, past the platform and the chicks very quickly settle down again in their sleepy huddle.

15:59pm The adult tiercel makes a flying visit to the platform with a small amount of fresh meat whis is promptly and greedily taken by TA who is reluctant to share it with her siblings. The adult tiercel is mobbed by the remainder chicks before sensibly and quickly retreating. TC is the only sibling to try and wrestle some morsel of food from TA whilst TB and TD wait for some food they use the time to exercise their wings. 

16:14pm TC manages to take the remainder of the kill from TA, after she has had a fill. TD and TB also then are able to get some food.

16:22pm TC goes back to the ledge of the platform and exercises his wings again as one of his sisters nibbles at his talons to try and retrieve some scrapes of meat.

17;21pm GA (the adult falcon) brings in a plucked pigeon and begins to feed the chicks. Being much larger than the adult tiercel she is able to stay on the platform and feed the chicks, who all get a fair share of the food this time and that is where we leave them for today.

Thank you to todays volutneers; Peter Ducker, Graham Long, Suzanna Bunting,  Liam Barker and Mike Harmer.


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