Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 31/05/20

Weather: A beautiful warm and sunny day, albeit with a stiff breeze.

7:28       The first view is of one chick standing and preening, while the other three are sprawled in three corners of the platform.   Quite breezy again this morning, so lots of fluff is blowing away from the chick as it stands and works round under its wings.   The morning is sunny, and the prospect is of another warm day.

7:34       At last, a stretch shows that it is TC who is preening, and he looks to be further ahead in terms of plumage than his sisters, with less downy white everywhere..

7:36       TC scans the sky, tracking something directly up above him.

7:39       TC’s head bobs as he seems to focus in on various objects in the distance.   Then he resumes preening the awkward area on the neck just under his beak, followed by another leg stretch.

9:00       This session begins with TA standing near the camera preening.   She has been gaping fairly frequently for some minutes.   The other three chicks are lying at the far end of the platform, with one of them watching.   Downy feathers all around the platform are being lifted into the air, and mostly carried away.

9:07       TA moves away from the camera to join her siblings.   For the moment she remains standing, looking away to the East.   She suddenly looks up, as does one of her siblings, who remains lying down.

9:11       TA sort of sprawls over the tail of her sibling, who in turn stands up and begins preening.   TA briefly picks at some fragment in front of her.   The other chick lies down again.

9:14       TA has an eye on the sky, tracking something slowly, but then turns sharply back to look at something else before closing her eyes.

9:16       The chick in the far rear corner stretches its wing, which briefly disturbs its immediate neighbour, who turns around and settles almost beak-to-beak with TA.

9:21       The two chicks at  the far end indulge in wing stretching, looking as though they might stand up, but they just settle back again.

9:23       Now the chick in the rear corner gets up and walks over to the front of the platform to stand and watch the sky.   The chick is picking at loose feathers and in doing so is balanced using its sibling as a foot rest!

9:26       Having trampled over everybody else, TD now moves to the near front corner and flops down with her head just about on the parapet, but then after a few seconds her head goes down into the corner.

9:28       The two middle chicks (probably sisters judging by size) stand preening together, so it is TC who remains lying towards the far end of the platform.

9:31       Current arrangement is TD in the near corner, then TA and TB to the middle, with TC at the far end.   TA is the most awake at the moment.

9:33       TD gets up from her corner, which stirs TA.   TD then gives a shake of her feathers, then goes over and disturbs TB, so now the three sisters are all standing up.

9:37       TB stands staring over the edge towards the ground outside, as her two sisters move to the far end and settle down on the floor again.   Or at least one of them settles, while the other looks around for a few moments before trying to get comfortable.

9:41       The chicks are all towards the far end now, but not entirely settled.  Now they all begin to look up at the spire, and there is some calling from one of them.

9:43       TC gets up from the corner and moves along the front of the platform for some preening action.   His sister is also getting into it, and fluff keeps flying away.

9:46       TC is being quite watchful, but not calling at this point.

9:50       TC is very interested in something flying around, probably swifts again.

9:52       TC has gradually moved towards the far front corner of the platform, which is disturbing one of his sisters who is already there, snoozing in the sun.

9:56       TC, having settled next to his sister, is now looking up at the spire and calling a little, but not for long.

10:02     TA has got up from the far corner and comes to the near end for some vigorous wing flapping.   She then stands at this end before attacking some food remnants, then some more wing flapping.   These youngsters are getting very big!

10:06     TA now moves into the near corner and picks at a food remnant in the corner.   She looks around very actively before some more jumps at food fragments.

10:08     That didn’t quite go to plan, as TA lurches across the platform and disturbs everybody else!   Now all four are awake.

10:10     TD has also come to the near corner, bringing a fragment of food with her.   Now the chicks have re-arranged with two sisters at the near end, TA at the far end, and TC at the front of the platform towards the far end.

10:22     TA gets up and comes to the near corner for some more preening.

10:25     TA getting very vigorous with preening, and great amounts of down are being removed from under her wings.   One sibling is busy too.

10:27     Sudden calling from the back chick, and now TC is on his feet too.   His sibling watches intently as he preens, then she has a big stretch of one wing and leg.

10:34     TA is looking at things lying around on the platform, but also looks up to track something going by.

10:36     A quick bit of radar tracking from TA and TC together.   Then TA moves to the far rear corner and settles down, at least temporarily.   TB now also gets up for some preening action.   The four chicks are now clustered at the far end.

10:39     The Tiercel arrives with some food, but leaves immediately.   The chicks seem nonplussed.

               TD in particular just stands and watches him go!   However, in the background, her sister gets stuck in and helps herself.

10:41     Finally they realise that food has been delivered, and a bit of a scrum ensues, as two chicks have a tug-of-war over the food

10:43     It looks like TC sneaked in under the tail of his sister to get at the food!  Being slightly smaller can have its advantages!

10:52     It looks like TB has taken the remnants into the corner to finish up for herself.   The rest are just gazing around.

11:00     Session ends with TB jumping on stuff in the middle of the platform, with two at the far end, and one in the near corner.

11.00am No adults on the nest. Much wing flapping. The chicks are becoming very inquisitive.

11.10am All four preening and looking around.

11.11am TD looking overhead.

11.12am TD walks toward camera.

11.13am TB walks toward camera.

11.21am TD does a projectile poo over the side. TB ups out a feather it is stuck on his beak and looks very comical.

11.30am TC wakes up and views the horizon. He stretches his wing and has a scratch. He can stand on one leg now.

11.44am The other three wake up.

11.46am TD notices something overhead.

11.51am TB shuffles to the front stretching his wings.

11.57am TC preening.All four seem to be asleep again now.

12.05pm TD wakes up. Much preening.

12.08pm TB looking overhead.

12.15pm TD appears to be calling overhead but there is no noise.

12.25pm TD and TB start flapping and then swap places.

12.26pm TD starts pecking at a discarded feather. There may be a piece of missed meat on it. TA stirs for the first time.

12.33pm TD starts pecking at his leg ring.

12.41pm TB looking overhead. I think they are getting hungry.

12.47pm The wind is getting up. The chicks feathers are ruffling.

13.00pm Signing off.

13:07 chick in foreground looking up and chick at back preening

13:09 3 chicks resting and the one in the foreground preening

13:10 chick at back up again. All others resting

13:11 chick in background tracking something in sky upward and eastward. Very alert. Bobbing head and starts preening which continues till 13:23

13:23 Second chick gets up and starts preening chest -- chick at back looks up spire and bobs head again and stretches wings, although not fully as too restricted by other chick

13:26 chick at back lays down

13:27 Chick on left of camera is now up and all others down. 

13:28 Two chicks up (TA one of them). Both preening

13:30 TA exercises wings and unsteadily walks into another chick. Picks up a bone and drops it.

13:31 Three chicks up and looking over edge of box and tracking sky south

13:31 Chick in foreground projectile poo over edge

13:32 Three chicks looking up spire. Lots of noise - squawking

13:33 All chicks awake, although one still laying down

13:34 Chick nibbling own leg ring in foreground and settles down

13:36 TA in middle ground pecking at feather

13:37 TD up in foreground and stretches wings before settling down again

13:40 TA stumbles almost head-first into foreground, waking one of the chicks which gets up and preens before settling down again. 

13:44 TA still preening at back with another chick - two in foreground lying flat

13:51 Two chicks at back still preening 

13:54 Chick at far left lies down and gets up again. Preens a little more

14:00 Chick top right at back stretches wings and picks up feather

14:02 TB in foreground gets up and starts preening as do the two others in background

14:05 Chick in top right background settles down

14:08 TB settles down in foreground so TA only chick alert at the moment. She looks skyward and preens again

14:13 Lots of noise in the next - 2 chicks at back looking up spire

14:14 Two chicks at back nuzzle a bit and make lots of noise

14:15 TB gets up at foreground

14:16 Lots of wing-flapping and noise. Three chicks up

14:17 Lots of activity from one chicks stumbling to foreground and background, bumping into the others whilst flapping wings a lot

14:18 All chicks up

14:20 Lots of noise from box - chicks looks south and lots of wing-flapping

14:22 Chick in foreground produces projectile poo over edge and moves to back of nest where it's more shady

14:23 Two chicks pecks each others' beaks 

14:26 Another projectile poo at back of nest over edge

14:29 Two chicks in foreground up and looking over edge. Two at back lying down

14:30 Chick in foreground nibbles at feather then stumbles about wing-flapping

14:34 Three chicks at back in shaded area. One chick in front (TB?)

14:35 TB tracks something in the sky. Looking intently up spire and southward

14:36 TB starts preening

14:37 Two chicks up at back but huddled in shade right up against the far wall

14:45 Three chicks at back look to be asleep

14:47 Projectile poo at front of nest

14:48 Chick at front joins the others at the back in the shade and preens for sometime

14:55 Projectile poo - landed in nest site

15:00 - The four chicks are at the far (eastern) end of the box, where the shade is. They now have more feathers than down.

15:05 - They settle to doze.

15:28 - One of the chicks pops its head up, has a look around and then preens.

15:30 - The action doesn't last long and soon the chicks are all dozing again, their down and feathers flapping in the breeze.

15:38 - The chick nearest the front of the box stands up and has a stretch.

15:43 - The chick which originally popped its head up at the start of this shift begins preening again.

15:47 - The chick which was furthest from the camera suddenly forces its way over/between two of its siblings into the middle of the box. It doesn't stay there long and rejoins its siblings. This event, unsurprisingly, has woken the others up and they all preen.

15:50 - TC comes out into the middle of the box. He runs towards the camera. And then straight back to join the family group.

16:00 - Only the chick in the NE corner continues to preen. The others doze again.

16:10 - Once again, there are four dozing chicks at the far end of the box.

16:12 - All four chicks have decided to stand up, their heads bobbing in distinctive manner. TA barges her way out, comes into the centre of the box, relieves herself and rejoins the group.

16:25 - The chicks have settled back into their huddle.

16:26 - Two of the chicks watch something fly overhead.

16:33 - A bout of preening breaks out amongst the group.

16:48 - One of the female chicks comes out into the centre of the box for some wing exercising. She then peers out of the box before rejoining the group.

17:00 - And so today, we leave the chicks where they've been for most of the last two hours, huddled together at the far side of the box. More tomorrow!

Thank you to today’s volunteers; Peter Ducker, Kathy Blake, Carola Wayne, Colin Smith and Brendon Ollett.


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