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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 11/06/20

June 11, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
10.01 Juvenile on the NE Turret. 10.31 GA 2 crockets down on the W. Tiercel flew in with prey. 10.36 Tiercel flew off and landed 2 crockets down on the W. 10.42 2 Juveniles on the E Turret, 1 juvenile flew off from the W turret. 10.43 Juvenile landed on the…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 10/06/20

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
8.03 TD is seen perching on a very low wall on the NE side of the cathedral near Norwich School. 8.21 TD took flight and cannot be seen. 9.25 TA and TC are on the NW turret and TB is thought to be on the roof of the nave. GA is two crockets down on the N of…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/20- TD and TB Fledged!

June 10, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
5-30-6.00 TD fledged and landed on the East side of the South Transept above some scafolding, 5.40 GA flew in with prey and left without plucking or feeding. 6.23 Two chicks remain on the platform one is the male TC that fledged on Sunday but returned to the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 30/05/20

V sunny and warm, 18 degrees
9:00 TC is looking out from the far corner of the scrape. One female (unidentified) is preening near the camera, the other two are resting quietly.

9:17 - 9:21 TC moves around and flaps his wings.

9:22 TC looks up and calls out.

9:30 GA arrives, lands on the wall below the camera and leaves almost immediately.

9:37 The three female chicks are all preening. TC is picking at some remains of a carcass. His activity attracts the attention of one of the females (unidentified). She steps forward to peck at the same carcass. He then stops and she takes it.

10:01 - 10:12 All four chicks are sitting up and preening.

10:23 TC and the female chick start pecking at the carcass again.

11.00:- All quiet and restful

11.20:- Becoming more active

11.27:- Adult lands with prey and departs

Only one chick attempts to feed

Remained restless with alternate wing stretching and flapping

13.00, start of shift.

13.24, GA arrives with dinner, male and female chick had a good fill, before the other two females could get a look in. 

13.38, TC stomach full, he then decides to scare the living daylights out of me! 

13.40, GA leaves with the remains of the carcass. 

13.54, like us after having a good feed, an afternoon nap ?

14.09, TB found some remains, with TD rapidly manoeuvring from TB left, with TC eyeing up the goods as well. 

14.49, TC on look out, can't be hungry after what he had to eat. 

14.55, that time of day the afternoon shadow taking over the box. 

15.00, end of shift, handing over to James. 

15:00 TC relieves itself over side of box and looks up spire hopefully in the last of the suns rays on the box

15:03 TC is on lookout and tracks something lower down below the box

15:05 TC finds a morcel of food and starts to eat it.

15:08 All 1chicks settled with heads down

15:13 One of females starts to preen

15:20 All settled again

15:23 One chick preens and then is alert looking up the spire.  TC stretches his wing out and blocks vision of watchful chick

15:28 Two females now preening

15:34 All chicks are awake and preening

15:41 two chicks on lookout – TD and one other.

15:46 TC walks off to camera end of box to scavenge for more food.  The three females say in a huddle, two of them on lookout.

15:49 TC returns to the huddle at the far end of box

15:50 Some minor chick calling and then tracking below box.

15:52 Tiercel arrives from low down, chicks scream for food and beg.  TC pecks at Tiercels foot and after two attacks the Tiercel leaves again, no prey delivered.  The Tierce looks up spire intently before he leaves.

15:54 There is lots of wing flapping from TC

15:56 TA wing flaps close to the camera and then tracks a flying object.

15:58 Chicks are all alert and preening and wing flapping.

16:06 One chick calls out for food

16:08 Two chicks track something

16:10 All the chicks preen

16:20 Chicks have settled down again

16:27 One chick is on lookout and tracks some action up the spire

16:30 All settled again

16:35 One chick wakes up and then scratches neck and starts preening and at 16:39 relieves itself and finally settles with others at far end of box.

17:00 No further action.  We leave the chicks all huddled together at the far end of the box.  They last had a feed at 13:24.  They must be getting hungry!

Thank you to todays volunteers; Robert Keatley, Graham Long, Richard Edwards and James Savage