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Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 29/05/20

May 29, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees 09.00. Chicks were fed at 07.30 with what looked like a pigeon.They are now all awake and all of them are busy preening. They are now loosing a great deal of their down as they preen. This can be seen blowing…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 28/05/20

May 28, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Weather: A beautiful, cloudless late May morning, warming up rapidly. 7.30 ish Chicks were fed. 11:00 - We begin this morning with the four chicks, looking enormous now, lined up at the front of the box. The three nearest the camera are in the shade, the one…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 27/05/20

May 27, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
7:19 The first view of the day is of the four chicks lying around the platform. No sun at this point. 7:20 A head comes up…. ….then everybody stirs as the Tiercel arrives with food. 7:23 All going well on the feeding, although TC is quite literally in the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 17/05/20

Weather: Sunny with large white clouds. Pleasantly warm

7:14       The first view makes clear how quickly the chicks are changing.   They seem to have grown significantly overnight, and their wing feathers are really beginning to show. Very active at the moment, as they wobble about the platform on unsteady legs in the early morning sunshine.

7:18 GA arrives on the parapet, but without food.  The chicks don’t seem very bothered, and don’t make any great noises.   There is some food debris lying around, which the chicks investigate.

7:37  GA seems to be slimmer at the moment, as she stands preening in the sun.

7:38  She hops into the platform, and begins to pick at some scraps. The chicks watch with interest, and accept scraps that she offers them.

7:40  GA gives one or two little chirrups, and the chicks move up for more little pieces.   She looks around for other fragments to clean up.

7:42  GA hops up onto the parapet and almost overbalances off the platform!   She recovers, and then gives a couple of calls, so maybe the Tiercel is in the area.

7:52   In the background, the far chicks busies itself with picking at a scrap.

8:47   The Tiercel drops in briefly, checks over the chicks, and leaves again. GA’s tail is still showing signs of chicks’ target practice!

8:52  After looking up above the camera for some moments, GA leaps off the parapet, and presumably goes to perch on the spire just up above.   A moment or two later, there is just a flash in the corner of the screen as she takes to the air, down below the platform.

8:53  The Tiercel arrives with what must be the remains of a previous meal.   GA takes it, and the Tiercel leaves again.   GA immediately sets about energetic plucking of the wing feathers, flinging them around like confetti.

8:54  GA continues a vigorous plucking of the food which was just brought in.   One of the chicks is calling for a feed while she does this.   She then takes it to the far end and begins to feed the chick (possibly the male, TC?).   Soon joined by another, and then a third begins to look interested too.   Now GA has three around her, but that looks like it will change soon, as the fourth has gone over too.   GA brings the food to the near end, and feeds the two chicks nearest the camera.   One in particular is very insistent, while the other looks on with beak part open, just in case!

9:01 Chick number two continues to show interest, taking everything that GA offers, while the nearest has settled down in the corner.   The two at the far end watch, but don’t make any demands.

9:04 GA retreats to the parapet, plucks some more wing feathers, and adds to the general heap on the platform.   The chicks are distributed round the platform, some watching Mum, but others flopped in the sun.   Having finished plucking, GA hops back down, and resumes picking food off for the chick at the far end, while the others preen or investigate their surroundings.   The nearest chick seems to have several small flies around it!

9:15 GA takes on the role of parasol for one chick in the far corner, holding her wings out to provide shade.

9:16  Having provided shade for a few moments, GA hops up onto the far end of the platform.   This position doesn’t last long as one of the chicks starts pulling on her tail feathers, so she moves round onto the front parapet.   The chick doesn’t persist with theaggravation.

9:18  Looks like TB is lying in the far corner.   Leg ring is just about visible.

9:23  The chick nearest to GA has a little peck at her foot on the parapet.   GA looks down, and moves her foot out of the way, and the chick moves on to inspect its developing plumage.

9:27  It looks like GA is teasing the chick beside her by hanging her foot down over the edge of the parapet, but the chick is busy elsewhere.   She converts the move into having a scratch instead!

9:30  The chicks are now all sprawled in the sun, while GA stands on the parapet.She hops down into the platform again, and picks at some more fragments, feeding oddments to one of the chicks.   She again stands, wings open, providing some shade for a moment, but the chick moves out from under her shadow and lays in the sun again.

9:35 It seems like GA is waiting for the Tiercel to bring food.   She doesn’t seem inclined to go off hunting herself.   She seems to be happy to stand in the sun with one eye shut

9:38 GA stands in the corner with her wings open.   Three out of four chicks stay sprawled, but the fourth is moving around, and then heads over to where GA is standing.

9:40 The size comparison is quite striking now.   The chicks have not yet got stable enough to stand up properly, but when they occasionally do, they begin to compare quite closely with their mother.

9:43  The chicks have all got their heads in the limited shade of the parapet, while GA continues to stand in the corner, looking around at the sky.   Intriguing that she doesn’t stand in the breeze on the parapet.

9:47 It is unfortunate that the occasional leg stretch of the nearest chick is with the right leg, so identification is not possible.

10:00 Three of the four chicks have roused up, and are preening or looking over the parapet.   Not yet quite big enough to be seen from the ground though!   As they stagger about the platform, the chicks dislodge odd feathers which get picked up by the breeze and taken away.

10:03     The chick nearest the camera begins picking at some food scraps.   Frustratingly there is a feather right by its leg so its ID is hidden.   The chick to the rear is looking out in the same direction as GA, somewhere to the South.

10:05  The chick in the near corner starts to do the same, so now these two are quite actively picking at remnants which they find.   Tantalising glimpses of leg rings are not enough to identify either chick.

10:09  The one on the left is definitely TA.   Just got enough of a glimpse of the leg ring before it goes and lays down second in line.

10:20  All static on the platform, with four chicks in a line, and GA standing quietly in the corner.

10:22  GA has a huge stretch.

10:22     The chick TA stands up and starts calling and looking around, but GA doesn’t react.   Interesting that the chick’s call is starting to sound like an adult call.

10:28     TC stretches its leg and shows its ring as it lays in the front corner of the platform, while TA stands looking on.

10:31     GA gets up onto the parapet to continue sentry duty.   Four chicks in a line again, TC and TA from this end, then the other two at the far end.

10:42     TA obliges with her leg stuck out, but the next chick further away keeps pushing its right leg out, which is no help!

10:47     This top view confirms that two chicks wish to remain anonymous!

10:49     Almost synchronised leg stretches from all four chicks, but again the left two remain anonymous.

10:55     After a few minutes of inactivity, TA got up and pooped over the far two chicks, who remained oblivious!   Evidently toilet training is not high on their list of priorities!

11:00 This session ends with two chicks preening, two sunning themselves, and GA on the parapet.

11.00am GA standing on the corner. The chicks are very mobile with their wing and tail feathers beginning to show. Lots of flies.

11.03am GA leaves.

11.14am TB picking at old carcase. He can feed himself now, holding it down with his talons.

11.18am TB scratching himself, trying not to fall over.

11.25am TB more picking at carcase.

11.31am TB is the only chick awake.The others are fast asleep. He decides to wake them up.

11.32am They are all now asleep.

11.38am The tiercel returns. he keeps looking overhead.

11.40am. He leaves agin. The chicks look overhead possibly at him. For the first time I hear them calling.

11.47am TD is calling squeakily.

11.55am TB clumsily wing flapping. He then starts to play with a large feather.

12.00pm TB calling.

12.04pm TA and TC wake and stroll towards the camera. They look huge!

12.31pm The tiercel returns. He is looking upwards again. TA and TD are calling also looking upwards.

12.37pm He leaves again.

12.39pm The chicks are getting restless. I think they are reday for a feed.

12.44pm TC is trying to call opening his/her mouth but nothing comes out!

12.47pm Tiercel returns. TC looked up at him.

13.00pm signing off.

12:59 TC walking about. 2 asleep with heads in shade

13:01 TC & TB preening far side of nest

13:04 3 chicks very alert

13:05 Screaming from one chick (TC?)

13:06 More noise from 2 chicks

13:09 4 chicks asleep in sun

13:10 2 chicks awake and one looking over edge

13:11 All 4 chicks settled down/sleep

13:19 Noise off camera. TC up again. 2 asleep & 2 preening

13:20 3 awake preening

13:29 4 awake 

13:31 TC walks to nearest left corner

13:33 Wing stretching and lot of walking about. 1 in each corner

13:38 2 head for the shade in top left corner

13:40 all asleep

13:43 chick nearest camera up again

13:46 chick in foreground preening lots. Chick just behind is TB: leg ring in view

13: 51 TB 'spatch-cocked' in sun. Legs splayed at back. 

13:53 Chick in foreground tracks something in sky - very busy preening and looking around

13:58 All 4 chicks asleep again with heads in shade

14:11 Chick left foreground wakes and preens. Sleeps again

14:17 Chick left foreground wakes again. Preens.  Settles again. TB stretches legs at back. 

14:20 TB shuffles slightly and settles again

14:21 TB turns to face the cathedral side of nest, nibbles on manky remnants in pebbles and walks to join 2 other chicks in the shade in the foreground of our view

14:54 One of the 3 chicks in foreground wakes and preens and the chick at the back does the same

14:56 Two chicks preening. 

15:00 - As we begin this stint this afternoon, the chicks are quiet. There is a group of three below the camera (western end) and a lone chick at the far (eastern) end. It's impossible to be certain as none of the leg rings are visible but it looks like a male - female split.

15:19 - The lone chick starts to peck at leftovers, then stretches its wings.

15:28 - The lone chick totters across the box to join its siblings. The box is almost entirely in shadow now. A heap of four chicks has now formed below the camera.

15:36 - One of the chicks, stretches its wings, over-balances and lurches across the box. It rejoins the edge of the group and exercises its wings.

15:38 - This chick wanders back across to the far side of the box where it sits alone.

15:44 - The lone chick wanders back across the box to rejoin its siblings in the family pile.

15:48 - There is a sudden burst of energy from within the pile and almost at once there are four individual preening chicks.

15:56 - All quiet in the box again. The pile of four has reformed.

16:14 - The tiercel arrives carrying prey and he is joined by four very interested chicks.

16:17 - The tiercel is being backed further and further towards the edge of the box as he is pressed for food by his eager family.

16:20 - With nowhere left to go, the tiercel jumps up onto the far edge of the box, looks at his family for a moment and leaves. The chicks watch him go. We never did work out what had happened to the remnants of the prey item he'd brought. It wasn't left in the box but neither did we see him remove it.

16:30 - The chicks have settled into two groups of two, one in each corner of the box closest to the spire.

16:36 - All is a quiet in the box once more.

17:00 - And so today we leave four sleepy chicks dozing in their box. More tomorrow!

Thank you to todays volunteers; Peter Ducker, Kathy Blake, Colin Smith, Carola Wayne and Brendon Ollett