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Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 29/05/20

May 29, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees 09.00. Chicks were fed at 07.30 with what looked like a pigeon.They are now all awake and all of them are busy preening. They are now loosing a great deal of their down as they preen. This can be seen blowing…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 28/05/20

May 28, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Weather: A beautiful, cloudless late May morning, warming up rapidly. 7.30 ish Chicks were fed. 11:00 - We begin this morning with the four chicks, looking enormous now, lined up at the front of the box. The three nearest the camera are in the shade, the one…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 27/05/20

May 27, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
7:19 The first view of the day is of the four chicks lying around the platform. No sun at this point. 7:20 A head comes up…. ….then everybody stirs as the Tiercel arrives with food. 7:23 All going well on the feeding, although TC is quite literally in the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 16/05/20

Weather: Partly cloudy Temperature: 11 Degrees

9:00 GA is feeding the chicks.

9:02 GA flies off with the carcass

9:05 GA flies back and sits on the wall in the bottom corner of the screen.

9:06 GA takes off and TC starts to call out.

9:12 TC calls out again. TA, TB & TD are resting quietly in the early sunshine at the other end of the scrape.

9:14 -9:15 TC continues to call out.

9:18 - 9:22 One of the female chicks at the far end of the scrape gets up, moves about a bit, preens itself and then settles down. In the process, the other two female chicks start to jostle about a bit.

9:42: One of the other female chicks gets up, preens itself and settles back down straight away.

9:49: TC and 2 female chicks are up and preening themselves.

9:51 - 9:52 TC moves to the far end of the scrape to join the other chicks before returning to his original position in front of the camera.

9:54 TC heads back to the group again and they all settle down together.

10:01 One chick relieves itself.

10:22 One chick gets up from the group and moves to the far corner of the scrape.

10:24 Two other chicks get up and start preening themselves.

10:39 More preening

10:43 The chick that moved to the corner of the scrape at 10:22 gets up and rejoins the group on the other side of the scrape.

10:47 One of the chicks gets up from the group, clambers over another to stand up and stretch. In the process, the other one also gets up and starts preening itself.

10:50 One of the chicks relieves itself.

10:52 Three of the chicks are sitting up and looking around.

10:53 Two of the chicks settle down and leave one looking around.

10:54 All 4 chicks have settled down.

10:58 Three of the chicks regroup together. One chick relieves itself.

11.00:- Chicks grown considerably over the past 5 days since I last monitored them! No adult present 

11.43:- Male returns but not with any prey food. Stays and calls female

11.51:- Male departs

11.57:- Male returns and calls again 

12.01:- Male departs again

12.04:- Male returns with ‘prepared prey‘ and commenced feeding the chicks for approximately the next 20 minutes. Very thorough picking of the carcass. All chicks manage to get themselves fed

12.22:- Male leaves
 Chicks got into a fat, sleepy heap of fluff!

Weather mainly cloudy, 16C, wind WNW 8mph

13.00  The four chicks are in the NW corner, dozing after their long feed.  The tell-tale down feather is still attached to the microphone

13.10 The smallest chick sits up, has a wing stretch, turns round to defaecate onto the inner wall of the parapet and settles back into the pack

13.14  GA arrives with prey, probably pigeon.  She feed the two front chicks, who seem surprisingly hungry

13.17 A chick is eating entrails like spaghetti.  All four are awake now and very vocal

13.19  The front two chicks' crops look very full, but still they eat.  The two at the back are waiting patiently

13.22  One fed chick defaecates.  TA is at the front, still apparently hungry, but GA is now feeding the chicks at the back

13.27 The feed continues.  The chicks previously at the back have jostled to the front row and are getting a good share.  Some chicks are helping themselves, but have no idea of portion control, so GA has to help

13.30  TA can eat no more and has fallen asleep.  Two others still eating with gusto

13.32  GA now feeding herself but still offering bits to the chicks

13.34  GA hops onto the side of the box and she's off, with the remains of the prey.  The feed has lasted 20 minutes.  The chicks huddle back in their corner

13.39   A companionable heap of chicks snuggled down in the NE corner

13.40  The tiercel arrives with prey, but with stomachs and crops full, the chicks show no interest, so he feeds himself

13.45  Peregrine calls heard off screen.  Tiercel looks up

13.48  Tiercel hops onto the far end of the parapet, without food, then runs along parapet to take up a sentinel position next to the microphone and close to the camera, overlooking the cloisters

13.52  As the chicks slumber in the corner, the tiercel closes his eyes briefly.  He has a small remnant of meat stuck to his beak

13.54 Tiercel flies west

13.58  One chick spreads a wing, showing developing pin feathers

14.00  Chicks motionless in NE corner

14.14  TA stretches an elegant leg to show her orange ring

14.14 Some minor chick rearrangement

14.21  More jiggling

14.22  A chick defaecates then preens briefly

14.44  One of the chicks wakes for a quick preen.  They sleep again

14.47  TA, the liveliest chick today, nibbles at her claws, turns round to stretch her wings and plays with a feather

14.48  TA looks up as adult peregrine calls are heard

14.59  Chicks still in their corner as I hand over.

15:00 Four chicks are lying at the far back corner of the box.  TB is closest to the camera

15:05 TB pecks at the gravel and debris

15:06 One of the other chicks starts calling for a food for a short time

15:21 TB stands up and rotates 90 degrees

15:32 The back chick (TD) sits up and preens

15:43 TB relieves itself and then starts preening and still preening at 15:50

15:59 TC stands and relieves itself

16:04 TA has a very visible crop with no feathers on it. Three chicks are now preening.

16:13 The chicks call for food briefly and at 16:16

16:19 TB muscles herself into the corner spot!

16:26 The Tiercel arrives with food and starts to feed especially TC. The other chicks don’t seem that hungry.  The prey is pigeon sized and has dark wings and a pinkish breast, ??woodpigeon.

16:30 TA wakes up.  TB still resting at the back.

16:36 TD relieves itself, still not feeding.

16:39 Tiercel helps himself to some bits of food.

16:43 One chick has gone to sleep.

16:46 TB turns his back on food.

16:47 TA finally gets fed.

16:49 Only TA is awake and feeding!

16:52 Tiercel suddenly stops feeding and picks up prey and leaves.  The chicks settle down to sleep and digest.

17:00 All is quiet on the box.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Robert Keatly, Richard Edwards, Julia Leach and James Savage.