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Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 29/05/20

May 29, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees 09.00. Chicks were fed at 07.30 with what looked like a pigeon.They are now all awake and all of them are busy preening. They are now loosing a great deal of their down as they preen. This can be seen blowing…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 28/05/20

May 28, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Weather: A beautiful, cloudless late May morning, warming up rapidly. 7.30 ish Chicks were fed. 11:00 - We begin this morning with the four chicks, looking enormous now, lined up at the front of the box. The three nearest the camera are in the shade, the one…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 27/05/20

May 27, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
7:19 The first view of the day is of the four chicks lying around the platform. No sun at this point. 7:20 A head comes up…. ….then everybody stirs as the Tiercel arrives with food. 7:23 All going well on the feeding, although TC is quite literally in the…

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 15/05/20 (Ringing)

Weather clear skies, hot and sunny

At 19 days old the Chicks were ringed at 10.15am

Each chick was given a metal BTO ring on one leg and an orange plastic coded davik ring on the other leg. The divik rings had the codes TA, TB, TC and TD based on the size and weight of the chicks there are 3 females (TA,TB and TD) and 1 male (TC).

11.00 The chicks are hunkered down, trying to keep cool. All four were ringed this morning, with the cameras off whilst this took place. Cameras were switched on again just before 10.50.

11.03 First sight of an orange ring!

11.20 A quiet morning so far, following the ringing. Adults likely to be somewhat weary for a while.

11.23 Three orange rings visible.

11.29 Four chicks in a line with three orange rings in view!

12.20 The chicks look as if they are lined up in order with TD nearest the side camera, then one other, then TB and may be TA at the far end!

12.26 A flash of a leg by the chick between TB and TD shows that they are indeed in order as the ring clearly shows the letters TC!

12.40 The chicks remain sheltering from the sun as best they can under the front edge of the box, as they have since 11.

One chick stirs and preens, then settles back down.

12.45 TA stands up and looks around expectantly, hoping for lunch. This causes stirring amongst the other three chicks with TD also now upright.

12.48 TD settles down again, followed by TA.

12.52 GA returns to the edge of the box. Chicks are vocal, hoping for a feed.

12.53 GA departs having checked the chicks.

12.54 The chicks are more alert, and GA returns to the edge of the box again, without prey.

She jumps into the box and tries to settle over the chicks however given their size now only manages to hover over one! She looks upwards, suggesting the Tiercel could also be about.

12.58 She calls loudly, again suggesting the Tiercel is around.

13.00 Handover.

13.00 All four chicks look sleepy and relaxed now after their eventful morning while GA is sat on the ledge keeping watch

13.14 chick now known as TD calls to mum. 

13.16 GA takes flight, maybe for a quick circle of the spire or perhaps in pursuit of a nearby threat 13.17 She quickly returns and this time sits facing the chicks. 

13.19 GA is off again

13.22 GA returns with food probably taken from the larder store this time. 

13.23 Feed time for the chicks, it looks as if the chick furthest back misses out this time but difficult to see properly as GA has her back to the camera obscuring the chicks from a clear view. What we can see however is a small morsel of food stuck on the back of GA. 

13.30 One of the female chicks cheekily takes the remaining food from mum’s beak and attempts to swallow it but the size proves tricky and GA quickly takes it back. 

13.32 Another attempt from one of the girls to steal the food from mum. 

13.35 The feed has now finished and the leftovers lay scattered in the box and up on the ledge. GA moves over to the chick at the back who appeared not to have been fed and attempts to brood/shelter her. 

13.56 The new Davlik rings are now easily visible, we can see TA & TC are nearest the camera while TB & TC are being partially covered by mum further back. 

13.57 GA hops back up on the ledge. 

14.03 All four chicks are now laying flat out on the gravel. Apart from an odd leg stretch there is little movement from the youngsters. 

14.09 TD wanders over to the far corner to grab some shade under Mum’s tail feathers. 

14.10 GA hops back down in to the box picks up the remaining food and offers it to the largest looking chick (identification ring obscured from view) A sibling also gets offered dessert. 

14.13 Once again GA takes flight but returns calling loudly just three minutes later. 

14.17 She’s off again and this time stays away until the end of our watch.

15.00...What a sight...4 chicks sprawled out...looks as though they had had a good feed.

15.02...Oh..they have leg rings on, thought it wasn't happening this year.  Obviously a change of plan...good.

16.00...What a quiet hour, just a bit of movement of the chicks.

16.30...90 minutes and still waiting for a bit of action.

16.33...Chick calling, nothing occurred!

17.00...Shift finished with no sign of an adult bird.  My shift proves that the chicks can be left for at least 2 hours and I can stay the pace without falling asleep, almost!  Forget counting sheep to help sleep, these chicks do  an equally good job.

Thank you to todays volunteers; Jon Male, Andrew Hardwick,George Waters, Sarah Purton and Norman Wyatt.