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Nowich Peregrine Activity Log-29/03/20

March 29, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
The start of British Summer Time leaves the webcam time out of step. Times adjusted up by 1 hour. 7:38 This morning, weather is overcast, cool and very breezy. The Tiercel is incubating at this point. The volume has been increased, so this morning a piece of…

Norwich Peregrines Daily Nest Blog- 28/03/20

March 28, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
Temperature: 8, Wind: 20mph from North-East 08:25 - GA Incubating. 08:56 - Something flies pastright-to-left (offscreen). GA tracks tracks its path and stares at it for a while. 9:00 Female sitting quietly on the eggs facing the camera. 9:13 Male makes a food…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Online Blog- 27/03/20

March 27, 2020 Norwich Peregrine Blog Zoe Smith
06:22 Watch starts 06:22 Male incubating eggs, head facing north. 06:23 Female flies in incubation swap. Male flies off. 06:48 Female looking up spire calling vigorously. 06:50 Female files off. 06:51 Female returns still call vigorously perched on box edge.…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Log – 24/03/2020

Weather – bright and clear. Very cool, stiff breeze.

9:00 - The tiercel is currently brooding the eggs, shuffles them, briefly revealing them and settles down. Very alert, looking all around, plumage being ruffled by the breeze.

9:13 – Still fully alert, looking around all the time.

9:22 – The tiercel is suddenly very alert, looking all around, craning his neck, finally looking up the spire. Perhaps GA has returned? He leaves the eggs and flies the from the platform leaving the eggs uncovered.*

9:25 – GA returns to the nest and broods the eggs.

9:38 – There is movement from GA's bill but no sound forthcoming.

9:45 – GA doing her best owl impersonation, screwing her head around 180 degrees.

9:48 – A quick shuffle from GA as she rearranges the eggs and settles on them again, now facing the spire.

10:09 – GA pushing gravel around but it's unclear if she has ingested any.

10:10 – Another shuffle and rearrangement of the eggs. GA now in full antisocial mode, facing completely away from the camera!

10:12 – GA suddenly alert, looking all around.

10:13 – GA appears to be calling but there is no audible sound.

10:38 – GA suddenly interested in something flying around the spire. She's off the eggs, onto the ledge and away. Eggs currently uncovered.

10:39 – The tiercel arrives, uttering his trademark 'chucking' call and settles to brood the eggs. Much more sociable, he is facing the camera.

10:41 – A quick shuffle from the male as he rearranges the eggs.

11:00 – Welcome Kathy and Sarah!

* I'm using the phrase uncovered rather than unattended as we can't tell if either of the birds is close at hand.

Virtual peregrine watch 11.00am -13.00pm Tuesday March 24th 2020.

Weather conditions windy, clear, visibility good.

Definite drop in traffic on Bishopgate and BarrackStreet!

11.00 am Tiercel on nest incubating. Much looking around.

11.40 am GA arrives chatting. Tiercel leaves and GA takes over. Again much looking around. Very little in the area gets missed by these two.

11.46 am Ambulance Bishopgate. Hope it’s nothing serious.

12.12 pm GA stretches and shuffles position.

12.44 pm GA moves again possibly to turn the eggs. The front one definitely gets moved.

13.04 GA has a stretch, she hops on to the ledge for a few minutes then flies off.

13.09 The tiercel arrives and takes over brooding duties.

15.00 The tiercel is still brooding the eggs.

Weather conditions sunny with a light wind. The nest box really is very clean and tidy at this stage in the season

15.00 Tiercel hunkered down on the eggs with his back to the camera

Shadow of the spire is moving slowly across the platform now occupying nearly 80%

15.08 Tiercel turns around to face camera and starts pecking at gravel

15.10 He starts to shuffle around and seems to be rearranging eggs with his feet but not making any sound. He moves to have his back to the camera and settles down again

15.19 I think he’s asleep with his feathers ruffling gently in the wind

15.30 He looks up alert with some gentle clucking

15.35 settles down again

Very strange to see no cars moving below in Norwich, nobody on the streets nobody on the playing fields, no one in the cloisters....

15.45 platform now in complete shade - tiercel hunkered down back to camera

15.53 He shuffles around moves the eggs a bit and ends up facing camera - think he’s looking at me

15.57 very alert looking around from sitting position

15.58 he suddenly leaves the eggs rests for a moment on the ledge and then flies off to the West. All 4 eggs appear in good order

15.59 GA arrived on ledge jumps into the platform checks eggs quickly and nestles them into her brood patch facing the camera

16.01 she is not happy with the egg arrangements so a bit more sorting and then she settles down again with some beak opening and closing but no sound - she is magnificent with the ruffling of her feathers make her appear huge

16.07 more sorting of eggs, she turns sideways to the camera, backs into the corner and settles down to brood

16.19 she’s up again, shuffles around with some minor rearrangements of the eggs and then settles very flat on the eggs with her back to camera

16.25 she looks asleep - there is too much ruffling if her feathers to record her respiratory rate

16.46 Some gentle clucking from GA who suddenly stands up hops into the ledge and flies off West

16.47 Tiercel flies in sorts out the eggs with some clucking and then settles down side on to the camera

17.00 all calm with tiercel brooding the eggs and so it’s goodnight from me!

A big thank you to todays volunteers for participating in the virtual watchpoint and taking todays blog: Colin Smith, Sarah Evans, Kathy Blake, Maureen Irvine and Jennie FFC