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Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 14/07/2019

July 14, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Last watch of the season! The juveniles will still be around until autumn and the parents will remain at the cathedral nest site. Thank you everyone for reading our blog this year, we hope you've all enjoyed it! 9.00 One juvenile is on top of the spire. The…
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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 13/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- drizzle in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. 9.30 Male above nest box window. Juvenile 1 crocket above the top window. 9.50 Male flies, GA lands on golden bales. 10.00 Juvenile moves 2 crockets to the right. 10.03 1 juvenile knocks GA off the…
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Norwich Cathedral Activity Log- 12/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- overcast 9.30 1 juvenile on the edge of the nest box, it then flew off calling. 9.40 Male on top of the window arch above the nest platform. 1 juvenile 4 down on the W. 10.00 Juvenile landed on the crocket on the right-hand side of the nest box and…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 13/06/19

9.30 Dry at the moment.

10.20 3 juveniles seen on the NE turret.

10.30 Male flew off SE. Then GA flew off too.

10.47 GA flew in with food, landed on golden bales, Male flew onto N of the spire.

11.05 GA circled the spire and back to the golden bales with prey, one juvenile flew the male flew after it and ushered it back to the NE turret. All 3 juveniles clearly visable on the NE turret.

11.20 GA flew round with food and gave it to the juveniles.

11.49 All 3 juveniles flying round the spire after consuming the food.

11.59 Female juvenile flew round and landed on the NE turret. GA landed 3 crockets down from the top on the NE.

12.05 Male flying round the spire and landed 2 crockets down on the NE.

12.33 Male chased off an intruder. GA didn’t move.

12.50 Male returned to 2nd crocket down on NE.

13.17 GA flies to nest platform.

13.41 GA flew round and landed on the E plucking window.

13 43 2 juveniles flew around the spire to the SE and imitated a food pass.

13.45 the 2 female juveniles flew round again.

13.50 1 juvenile landed on the SE turret.

13.55 Moved to SW turret. Male 2 crockets down from the top.

14.20 Female juvenile on SE turret.

14.41 Juvenile seen on SW turret.

14.45 Juvenile flew round and landed behnind SE turret.

15.00 WP closed early due to heavy rain.

Thanks to James Savage for todays blog