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Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 14/07/2019

July 14, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Last watch of the season! The juveniles will still be around until autumn and the parents will remain at the cathedral nest site. Thank you everyone for reading our blog this year, we hope you've all enjoyed it! 9.00 One juvenile is on top of the spire. The…
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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 13/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- drizzle in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. 9.30 Male above nest box window. Juvenile 1 crocket above the top window. 9.50 Male flies, GA lands on golden bales. 10.00 Juvenile moves 2 crockets to the right. 10.03 1 juvenile knocks GA off the…
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Norwich Cathedral Activity Log- 12/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- overcast 9.30 1 juvenile on the edge of the nest box, it then flew off calling. 9.40 Male on top of the window arch above the nest platform. 1 juvenile 4 down on the W. 10.00 Juvenile landed on the crocket on the right-hand side of the nest box and…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 18/05/2019

Good day at the watch point, better weather than yesterday! The peregrines were very good with feeding food to the chicks who continue to grow stronger every day.

Weather was overcast, with sunny spells.

9.45 Male is below the top window and GA is on the golden decoration.

9.50 Male lands 5 crockets down from the plucking window.

9.57 GA flies North West.

10.00 GA flies in from the North West then flies to the North. The male then flies North East.

10.06 Male returns and lands 2 crockets down from top window.

10.20 Male flies up to meet GA and both fly around to the South. GA then lands 3 crockets down from the top of the spire while the male lands 3 crockets down from the plucking window.

10.30 Male suddenly flies off.

10.50 Male returns to North side plucking window with prey to pluck. GA flies down to the nest box and calls for the male.

10.58 Male swoops down into nest with food for GA, who has been calling to him repeatedly. He then hops to the crocket above the nestbox to the right. GA then feeds the chicks.

11.15 GA hops onto the nest box camera, while the male is still tucked around the corner to the right of the nest crocket.

11.25 Male flies off South East.

12.08 Male returns and lands 4 crockets down.

12.42 GA flies 2 crockets below plucking window.

12.45 Male flies to the nest box, then lands 5 crockets down from the middle window.

12.48 Male goes around the spire to grab cached food and then returns to the nest box to feed chicks.

13.01 GA flies off South East.

13.13 Male also flies off to the South East.

13.31 Male returns with prey to the North side. Feathers are then seen floating off to the West of the spire (the male is plucking).

13.36 GA returns to golden bales with prey and begins to pluck.

13.52 Male flies around to South side of the spire 3 crockets down with prey and continues to pluck.

13.57 Male flies off North East with prey.

14.00 Male is seen flying to the East.

14.01 Male lands 4 crockets down.

14.30 GA flies to nest box with plucked prey to feed chicks.

14.59 GA takes leftover food and lands 2 crockets down from the middle window.

15.02 Both adult peregrines fly around spire.

15.05 GA flies South East and the male lands in the nest box with fresh prey.

15.06 GA returns to the 3rd crocket down from the plucking window.

15.20 Male returns and lands on top of middle window to the West.