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Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 14/07/2019

July 14, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Last watch of the season! The juveniles will still be around until autumn and the parents will remain at the cathedral nest site. Thank you everyone for reading our blog this year, we hope you've all enjoyed it! 9.00 One juvenile is on top of the spire. The…
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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 13/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- drizzle in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. 9.30 Male above nest box window. Juvenile 1 crocket above the top window. 9.50 Male flies, GA lands on golden bales. 10.00 Juvenile moves 2 crockets to the right. 10.03 1 juvenile knocks GA off the…
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Norwich Cathedral Activity Log- 12/07/19

July 13, 2019 Norwich UPP Updates Zoe Smith
Weather- overcast 9.30 1 juvenile on the edge of the nest box, it then flew off calling. 9.40 Male on top of the window arch above the nest platform. 1 juvenile 4 down on the W. 10.00 Juvenile landed on the crocket on the right-hand side of the nest box and…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 09/04/2019

We apologise for the lack of a blog yesterday; the weather was so bad we closed the watch point and postponed the chick ringing until Monday!

It's been an interesting day at the cathedral, with several intruding buzzards and a peregrine. All three chicks appear healthy and feeding well.

The weather today was overcast with a few sunny spells.

9.30 GA incubating. Male at top of spire.

9.38 Male brings food form cache to GA, then lands 2 crockets down. GA is calling up to the male.

10.00 4 buzzards soar around the spire. Male leaves the spire but does not engage the buzzards.

10.05 Male flies off South.

10.07 GA feeds the chicks.

10.10 3 cormorants fly over, while the male is flying high up overhead.

10.15 GA leaves the nest with the remains of the food, which she carries up to the cache. GA then returns to the nest.

10.21 Male returns and lands on the 2nd crocket down on the East.

10.40 A buzzard flies over to the West.

10.42 Male dives off the spire North West and returns almost immediately.

10.45 A buzzard flies North West.

11.12 GA eats grit, uncovering the chicks.

11.25 Male brings food to the nest box then flies East. He circles the spire, the returns to his perch 2 crockets down on the East.

11.40 Male leaves spire and soars around it, slowly gaining height and eventually soaring off to the South East.

12.13 GA perches on edge of box.

12.14 GA flies off South East, leaving the chicks unattended.

12.22 Food pass over the close to the South East! Male then mobs a gull. GA brings the pigeon prey back to the golden bales. Male lands 2 crockets down on the West.

12.27 GA flies off West.

12.31 Male moves to the golden bales and eats the pigeon.

12.43 Male circles the spire after a gull flies over, then he lands under the plucking window on the South side.

12.46 Male flies to the nest box and feeds the chicks.

12.55 GA is perched on the 2nd crocket down.

12.58 GA flies South.

13.00 GA returns, incubation change over! Male flies East.

13.23 GA alarm calls from the box as a buzzard flies overhead.

13.27 Male returns and lands 2 crockets down.

13.43 GA calls from the nest and then feeds the chicks.

14.01 An intruding peregrine flies over the spire but the resident pair do not react.

14.35 Male plucks a cached pigeon.

14.38 GA flies off South, leaving the chicks unattended.

14.40 GA flies in calling. She lands on the box and then broods the chicks.

15.00 GA flies up to meet the male and he passes food to her. GA returns to the box and calls up to the male who is perched 2 crockets down below the plucking window. GA feeds the chicks.

15.40 GA hops onto the box edge, then onto the side view camera and preens.

15.52 GA returns to the nest and feeds the chicks.