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January 13, 2021
Latest News Laura Wharton

Promising Activity Reported at Bath Peregrine Site

Hamish Smith has reported some promising activity at the Bath Peregrine site at St. Johns. Could this be a potential pairing for Bath’s 2021 season? St.Johns peering over the local rugby ground in Bath. I’ve been following the dynamic at the church since the…
January 12, 2021
Latest News Laura Wharton

Shapwick Moor Update

Simon Beard kindly updates the Hawk and Owl Trust on the Winter period so far at the Shapwick Reserve. Even with the various lockdowns, life still continues at Shapwick Moor. Our grazing regime means that the last of the Red Devon cattle were removed from our…
December 24, 2020
Latest News Super User

Sculthorpe Reserve - Closed

Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve Further to the Government announcement Norfolk will be moved into tier 4. Therefore, we are sorry, but we have decided not to open the Sculthorpe Reserve over the Christmas period and will remain closed to the public until…

Welcoming back the Ghost of the Moor

Dec 20, 2020 379
Welcoming back the ghost of the moor Written by Shaila Rao, Ecologist…

The Hen Harrier Satellite Tagging Project: Case study - Sorrel

Dec 16, 2020 859
Looking back on Hen Harrier Sorrel’s journeying to dateAuthor: Hamish Smith As the Hawk…

A year in the life at Sculthorpe Moor

Dec 09, 2020 455
A year in the life of the Hawk and Owl Trusts Nature Reserve at Sculthorpe Moor in…

Great Progress on New Sculthorpe Walkway

Dec 09, 2020 554
Great Progress on New Sculthorpe WalkwayThe new walkway joins onto the Woodland Loop…

Sculthorpe Reserve Winter Opening Times 2020

Dec 08, 2020 408
Winter Opening Times Sculthorpe Reserve Winter and Spring Opening Times 2020 /2021 The…

Sculthorpe is Open! 8/12/20

Dec 08, 2020 400
Our Sculthorpe Reserve is open today! 8/12/20 We're happy to inform you that the reserve…

Hawk and Owl Trust Christmas Gift Guide

Dec 02, 2020 1162
Hawk and Owl Trust Christmas Gift Guide This year there are plenty of options to choose…

Chris Sperring MBE goes live with Sculthorpe's Tawny Owls

Dec 01, 2020 341
Chris Sperring MBE and Tawny Owls Live! Chris discusses Tawny Owls via Zoom with live…

Tawny Owl Surveys on the Fowey Estuary

Nov 25, 2020 529
Tawny Owl surveys on the Fowey Estuary – October 2020 Image snapshot from the Hawk & Owl…

Lockdown 2 Update from Sculthorpe Moor (week 3)

Nov 24, 2020 450
Walking the boardwalks today volunteers were spotted working on the new bridge that will…

Our fourth and final Lockdown 2 update from Sculthorpe Moor brings news of reopening, reserve expansion progress, and a little reminder of our Christmas gift suggestions!

It's wellie weather at Sculthorpe!

Tomorrow we reopen from 8am (Thursday 3/12/20) to the public and we can’t wait to welcome you back! An exciting change to your Sculthorpe visit will be that the new entry walkway will be opening too! You'll be able to see the hard work of staff and volunteers for yourself as you walk past our in progress wildlife pond and Dragonfly Hide!

This week on the reserve construction has been speedy on the new bridge and walkway near the Frank Jarvis Hide. Those visiting us in December will be able to see the great work for themselves from the existing boardwalks. Whilst work is in progress the Frank Jarvis Hide will remain closed to the public, but all other hides will be open (with Covid safe rules in place!)

See the progress when you next visit Sculthorpe!

An impressive production line of keen volunteers have been creating the natural fence near the new wildlife pond. This time next week we are confident that the new ‘fedge’ will be in place.

A production line of eager volunteers and staff working on the new 'fedge'

Lastly! We have been posting about our Christmas gifts and Adopt a Box membership on our social media this week. A full guide of gifts and goodies can be seen here - A Hawk and Owl Trust gift is a great way to give something special and help raise funds for a good cause at Christmas.


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