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September 17, 2021
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We are recruiting

Due to the pending retirement of our Membership Officer we are now recruiting for a new Membership and Visitor Centre Manager. Visitors and our members are a vital part of what we do. As a charity, every penny we raise goes back into the continued…
September 15, 2021
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Otter Activity at Sculthorpe!

We’ve had a number of sightings over the past few weeks of Sculthorpe’s resident Otters... Warden Tim Harris spotted the Otters on his rounds Tim Harris got these great shots of the Otters swimming in the water at Sculthorpe Moor We appear to now have a glut…

Walking the boardwalks today volunteers were spotted working on the new bridge that will connect the planned new walkway by the Frank Jarvis hide to the track that leads onto to the livestock building. 

Socially distant bridge construction in progress

Treading carefully over the new bridge (as it was being constructed) was a little nerve-wracking, but I remained dry and can assure future users of its sturdiness! Volunteers have been doing a fantastic job on progressing this project with limited numbers. We aim to open up the new parts of the reserve as planned next year.

Once safely over the new bridge, Catherine could be seen working with some of the reserve’s sheep by the new livestock building. This week one of Catherine’s jobs is to bathe the sheep's feet as a means to protect them from the infections that they are prone to. Catherine expertly demonstrated the process to me. A sophisticated set up of pens separated the clean, mucky and in progress bathers.

In safe hands- The Sculthorpe sheep spa is open for foot treatments

Walking back to the visitor centre volunteers have continued their work around the new wildlife pond. The recently planned “fedge” (fence/hedge) has had it’s bamboo cane markers replaced by sturdy upright posts. We look forward to updating you on the progress as this natural fence is set to progress at true Sculthorpe speed!

Watch this space for 'fedge' progress


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