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November 25, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Tawny Owl Surveys on the Fowey Estuary

Tawny Owl surveys on the Fowey Estuary – October 2020 Image snapshot from the Hawk & Owl Trust Live Tawny Owl cam at Sculthorpe Moor Chris Sperring MBE recently led a Tawny Owl survey on the Fowey Estuary, East Cornwall. The findings reveal a high density of…
November 24, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Lockdown 2 Update from Sculthorpe Moor (week 3)

Walking the boardwalks today volunteers were spotted working on the new bridge that will connect the planned new walkway by the Frank Jarvis hide to the track that leads onto to the livestock building. Socially distant bridge construction in progress Treading…
November 18, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Update from the Shapwick Moor Reserve. Lockdown 2, Week 2.

Last week Chris Sperring, Conservation Officer at the Hawk and Owl Trust, published a live video on the Trust’s Facebook page from the Shapwick Moor Reserve. Chris highlights the current offerings from this beautiful reserve, which are plenty during this…

Lockdown 2 Update from Sculthorpe Moor (week 2)

Nov 17, 2020 323
This week the Sculthorpe Reserve has seen water levels rising after a number of…

Charity Calendar and Christmas Cards

Nov 04, 2020 288
The Hawk and Owl Trust are delighted to have launched their Christmas Cards and 2021…

Covid Update: Sculthorpe Moor Reserve and Shapwick Moor Reserve

Nov 03, 2020 248
Covid Update - Lockdown 2 Following the latest government Covid advice, there will be…

Dragonfly Sculpture for Sculthorpe's New Education Hide

Oct 14, 2020 402
The Hawk and Owl Trust has commissioned renowned sculptor, Michael Turner, who…

Sheringham Shoal grant helps Hawk and Owl Trust towards carbon neutrality

Oct 14, 2020 453
Pictured: The air source heating system installed at the new offices A grant from the…

Sculthorpe Update Friday 2nd October

Oct 02, 2020 469
Default Image
Friday 2nd October - Sculthorpe is Open, 8am - 4pm. Please be advised that the weather…

Flooding and Fallen Trees at Sculthorpe Moor

Sep 30, 2020 438
If you have been following our social media updates you’ll know that the Sculthorpe…

Baling for Biodiversity - Sculthorpe Moor Update

Sep 30, 2020 291
Recently we featured team member Lily working hard on the Sculthorpe Reserve’s fen…

Tuesday 29th Sculthorpe Update

Sep 28, 2020 375
Default Image
Tuesday 29th Sept Update - we are sorry but due to the flooding and high winds we will be…

Sculthorpe Videos Showcase Reserves Latest Projects!

Sep 22, 2020 385
The completion of a new office building is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to…

Here we find ourselves in week one of Lockdown 2 at the Sculthorpe Moor Reserve in Norfolk. Running on a skeleton crew the reserve is closed to the public and missing its visitors and its merry team of volunteers.

[The boardwalks are graced more by the beautiful autumn leaves than feet this week!]

Last week volunteers were busy tying loose ends and getting various projects to a pausable state. This included work on the new Dragonfly Hide, the aim to tick jobs off the todo list and cover the beautiful internal floors with one last coat so that it could be left to cure over the lockdown period. We were very happy to get our beautiful dragonfly installed just in time!

[Huge thanks to the talented Michael Turner for creating this beautiful piece]

We even had the pleasure of welcoming a new resident to the recently completed livestock building. One lucky Barn Owl has made this state of the art abode their new home and is settling in nicely to its own Barn Owl box.

[All settled in. A new feathered inhabitant is enjoying its new-build apartment]

This week preparation for the installation of a natural fence around the new wildlife pond is being made. A solo job that requires the use of bamboo cane markers and a keen and imaginative eye for how the finished structure may look. Behind this natural screen, we will create an exciting wildlife garden which will be used to educate visitors on how to make their own gardens and outside spaces into wildlife-friendly ones!

[The colours are stunning at this time of year. Get out there and explore!]

The reserve is very peaceful at the moment and we are hopeful that we will be back to normal once the second lockdown has come to an end. Those of us lucky enough to be able to enjoy the reserve at this time are grateful to have access to this incredible outside space. Hopefully, the photos featured will encourage you to spend time outdoors, whether that’s your own garden, a green space, or a walk down the street. Being outside in the fresh air is just the ticket during the darker months!