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July 30, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

The Big Butterfly Count at Sculthorpe Moor!

Take part in the Big Butterfly Count at Sculthorpe! Are you taking part in this year's Big Butterfly Count? We’ve been out and about spotting butterflies on the Sculthorpe Reserve this week, all you need is a sharp eye and the free Big Butterfly Count app:…
July 15, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Recent Peregrine Rescue Highlights Great Work in UK for Bird of Prey Conservation

Recent Peregrine Rescue Highlights Great Work in UK for Bird of Prey Conservation A recent Peregrine rescue highlights the important work that is happening in the UK with birds of prey, and for the most part goes unreported. A gamekeeper who works on an…
July 01, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Gyr / Saker Falcon Reunited with Owner (over 125 miles from home!)

Gyr / Saker Falcon Reunited with Owner (over 125 miles from home!) The Hawk and Owl Trust were called out to the Robertson Barracks in Norfolk after an unusual bird of prey was spotted loose on site. Robertson Barracks is the current home of 1st The Queen's…

A walk in the past at Shapwick Moor

Jun 12, 2020 725
This week Simon Beard, representing Hawk & Owl at the Shapwick Moor Reserve, met with…

Sculthorpe Re-Opening Monday 15th June

Jun 08, 2020 1114
We are re-opening from Monday 15th June The reserve is open seven days per week, 8 am – 4…

It's Volunteer Week at Sculthorpe Moor

Jun 03, 2020 952
We’re delighted to start welcoming familiar faces back on to the Sculthorpe Reserve this…

Yellow Rattle Success at Shapwick Moor Reserve

May 27, 2020 689
An update from Simon Beard at our Shapwick Reserve in the South West. After years of…

Sculthorpe Reserve Slips into Summer

May 19, 2020 1028
Sculthorpe Moor is slipping into the warmer summer months. Spring shows of bluebells and…

Covid 19 - Update

May 13, 2020 981
Default Image
Update on the 13th May. The Trust welcomes the government’s announcement this week to…

Lockdown life continues at the Hawk and Owl Trust

May 10, 2020 1116
With a skeleton crew at our reserves and project sites, social distancing measurements in…

Hamish Smith on the Bath Peregrines

Apr 26, 2020 1245
Since 2006 a total of 38 peregrines have fledged successfully from the Bath Peregrines…

Bath Peregrine Update: The First Chick of 2020 is Here!

Apr 21, 2020 2977
The first Bath Peregrines chick of 2020 is here! Hamish Smith has been keeping a close…

Essential Lockdown Viewing

Apr 05, 2020 2162
Keep an eye on the Hawk and Owl Trusts live cams! Whilst hunkered down safely in your…

Steep Learning Curve for Volunteers Working on New Sculthorpe Walkways

The Get on Board scheme at Sculthorpe Moor is about halfway through thanks to the generous donations from the public. 

Volunteers have been shovelling, rollering, and learning their way through this exciting project. Richard Tree, one of the volunteers at the reserve described the start of the project as “wobbly” but on achieving the halfway milestone he states “We have a good team and have become very competent... We are very proud and pleased with the final results. Not just the boardwalk section but the pathway sections too!”.

Today the team start laying chicken wire to create an anti-slip surface of the walkway. They’re going to be using high powered staple guns to ensure a hard-wearing finish. Once the wire has been applied the volunteers will be adding side rails along the full length of the boardwalk.

The volunteers are working at such an impressive pace, we predict that new walkway will hopefully be open before the Autumn! 

If you would like to donate and help fund this special project at Sculthorpe Moor you can find out more here: 

Sponsoring a piece of the new walkway costs £15 and in return, your piece of the boardwalk will be numbered and listed in a special commemorative book on show in the reserves visitor centre. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the beautiful Sculthorpe Reserve!