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July 22, 2021
Latest News Laura Wharton

Partridge Project Update: The Release

The Partridges have been released into their next stage of life on the Sculthorpe Reserve! Lilly Dollman Project Co-Ordinator releases the Partridges into their new meadow pen. The native species of English Partridge have been relocated from ‘Partridge…
July 20, 2021
Latest News Laura Wharton

Changing Landscapes Trail Launches at Sculthorpe Moor!

A new trail has been launched at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve. Volunteers preparing the beautiful paintings for display in our hides The Changing Landscapes trail reflects on birds, the history of raptor conservation and highlights how the Hawk and Owl…
July 15, 2021
Latest News Laura Wharton

Shapwick Reserve Summer Update

Simon Beard provides a Summer update from the Hawk and Owl Trust’s Shapwick Reserve The wet weather this year has set timings back by about two weeks. Wildflowers on the Shapwick Reserve are behind meaning a knock-on effect for some of the important June…

Meet the Team - Simon Beard

Apr 27, 2021 1481
Simon Beard is the Community Manager at Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve Can you tell us…

An update from Simon Beard at our Shapwick Reserve in the South West. After years of trying the reserve has successfully grown Yellow Rattle which is currently in flower!

Simon updates us with the good news: 

‘Last year volunteers collected seeds of Yellow Rattle plants from our neighbour's fields at Shapwick Heath National Nature reserve. These were sown in prepared beds in several of our ungrazed fields. 

This plant species is semi-parasitic on several grass species and reduces the vigour of grass growth encouraging the return of more diverse flower-rich meadows. Sadly Yellow Rattle can be difficult to establish and we have tried several techniques over the years including green hay and direct planting, all of which have failed. However this year, the seeds have germinated in our prepared areas and have now started flowering. Hopefully, these will increase in number in the coming years.’


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