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May 27, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Yellow Rattle Success at Shapwick Moor Reserve

An update from Simon Beard at our Shapwick Reserve in the South West. After years of trying the reserve has successfully grown Yellow Rattle which is currently in flower! Simon updates us with the good news: ‘Last year volunteers collected seeds of Yellow…
May 19, 2020
Latest News Laura Wharton

Sculthorpe Reserve Slips into Summer

Sculthorpe Moor is slipping into the warmer summer months. Spring shows of bluebells and wild garlic flowers are making way for fresh green canopies and unkempt flora that will see us through summer. Lambs are jumping for joy and bleating away at the…
May 13, 2020
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Covid 19 - Update

Update on the 13th May. The Trust welcomes the government’s announcement this week to restart the economy. We are continuing to monitor the situation, but Sculthorpe Moor Nature reserve will remain shut for public access at this present time as well as the…

Hamish Smith on the Bath Peregrines

Apr 26, 2020 738
Since 2006 a total of 38 peregrines have fledged successfully from the Bath Peregrines…

Bath Peregrine Update: The First Chick of 2020 is Here!

Apr 21, 2020 2322
The first Bath Peregrines chick of 2020 is here! Hamish Smith has been keeping a close…

Essential Lockdown Viewing

Apr 05, 2020 1721
Keep an eye on the Hawk and Owl Trusts live cams! Whilst hunkered down safely in your…

Nigel Middleton YouTube Update on Sculthorpe Moor

Apr 04, 2020 633
Nigel Middelton updates us on life at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve during this, our…

Lockdown Wildlife Encounters

Apr 04, 2020 722
What a whirlwind of events! We’re almost two weeks into lockdown here at the Hawk and Owl…

Two New Ponds for Shapwick Moor!

Mar 20, 2020 585
The excavation of two ponds is progressing well on Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve. After a…

Bath Peregrines 4th Egg

Mar 20, 2020 1192
The Bath Peregrines falcon laid her fourth egg of the 2020 season at 12:02 today, 20…

Coronavirus Update - Reserves Remain open 18/3/20

Mar 18, 2020 625
Coronavirus update from the Hawk and Owl Trust 18/3/20 ⭐We are open!⭐Sculthorpe Moor…

Coronavirus Update - Hawk and Owl Trust Reserves, Events and Activities

Mar 17, 2020 853
Reserves and Events Update: After to last nights (16/3/20) Coronavirus updates we would…

With a skeleton crew at our reserves and project sites, social distancing measurements in place and a lack of footfall visiting us, work continues at the Hawk and Owl Trust!

Lambing season at Sculthorpe was certainly eventful this year. The team (all two of them!) lambed 25 lambs with only one needing to be bottle-fed. 

The Peregrine occupation of the boxes at Bath and Norwich are in full swing. Many of you have been tuning into our live cameras to take a look at the scrapes. With chicks in situ, we can now sit back and watch this year's stories unfold. We’ve already had visits from previous chicks!

Other live cameras that have peaked interest are the barn owl cameras at Somerset (4 eggs) and Norfolk (none as yet). The Tawny Owl who was sitting on a single egg has failed and she has now deserted the nest.

Shapwick hides and all work on the reserve has been stopped. Other projects are continuing although at a much-reduced level.

Despite being on lockdown our efforts to conserve and encourage wildlife at the Hawk and Owl Trust must continue! We’re still taking your donations, which at this time really do keep the Hawk and Owl’ cogs turning!

If you would like to donate please visit this page where you can make a donation online.