Bath Peregrine News Items

L to R: TW (f), TV (f) and TR (m)

Fledging looms ever closer

May 21, 2019 Bath Peregrines News Updates Hamish Smith
As fledging time approaches at Bath [L to R below: TW (f), TV (f) and TR (m)] we’re hoping it will be incident free this year: no chimney falls, no swimming in the Avon, no scuttling across main roads, no hiding under parked cars, no commandeering of…

Four Chicks Ringed

May 07, 2019 Bath Peregrines News Updates Hamish Smith
Four very healthy chicks were ringed and returned safely to the nest at Bath today. They were assessed from the biometric data gathered as three females (blue rings TV, TW and TX) and one male (blue ring TR).

Bath Peregrine Update 07/04/2019

Something got tiercel AA motivated today and he left the nest box at the rush. After an uncharacteristically long gap the falcon strutted across the gravel and continued the incubation. Methinks AA left without filing a flight plan with the appropriate authority


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