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Peregrine magazine

Peregrine Magazine

Members of Hawk and Owl Trust (and Friends of Sculthorpe Moor) receive, as part of their membership packages, Peregrine magazine.

This full-colour 24-page magazine is published twice a year, and contains lots of fascinating and useful information as well as keeping you up to date with the work of the Trust and any events that are taking place near you in the coming months.
We also take a look at wider issues affecting birds of prey in Britain and further afield and each issue contains a report of what has been happening, and what has been seen, on our reserves.

As a taster of the magazine, here's a preview of some of the articles in recent issues:

Passing on our knowledge (Spring/Summer 2018)
We are passionate about birds of prey and owls and realise that it is vital to engage with children to develop within them an understanding and appreciation of raptors and owls and their place in a healthy ecosystem to ensure the long-term conservation of birds of prey.
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Wing tagging East Anglian Marsh Harriers and what it’s revealing (Spring/Summer 2018)
Little is known of the post-breeding dispersal of East Anglian breeding Marsh Harriers but a large wing-tagging project is beginning to reveal the birds’ secrets. Find out more here.

Cold Beasts from the East and Hot, Dry Beasts from the South (Autumn/Winter 2018)
Weather always has a strong effect on the breeding season for our raptors and owls, but this spring and summer has seen greater effects than we are used to. How have the birds fared from a cold, wet, late spring and a very hot and dry summer?
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If you would like us to send you a sample copy of our superb members’ magazine, please contact us.