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Tuesday 18th October @ Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve - Norfolk

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Dyrham Park nest box inspection success!

Hawk and Owl Trust Volunteers (licensed by the BTO) were hosted by Mollie Harper of the National Trust at Dyram Park last month (15/6/22) in order to inspect nest boxes and carry out ringing where possible.

All three boxes to be inspected were found to have inhabitants! Barn owls were found in two of the boxes and Kestrels in one. In total 7 owlets were rung and the Kestrel box was left undisturbed as it would have caused too much disruption whilst eggs were still being incubated. The welfare of the birds is always a priority!

The NT management of Dyrham Park grassland has created the ideal habitat for field voles, a vital part of the food chain for birds of prey! Where there is food there is life, and we can clearly see that Dyrham has successfully created wildlife habitats.


AGM - 2022

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Hawk and Owl Trust will be held at Sculthorpe Moor Nature…