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A Shetland calf that was expected on Christmas Day has finally arrived at Sculthorpe Moor! On 11 January 2022, the first of 4 expected calves was born in the livestock building at the Sculthorpe Reserve.

The livestock building was completed in 2020 and has been an essential resource for the reserve’s livestock. Currently overwintering the majority of Sculthorpe’s sheep and cattle we are delighted that it will now house its new arrivals!
In March 2020 a Shetland Cattle bull named Neo joined our 6 resident Shetland Cattle heifers at Sculthorpe and we’re delighted to say that he settled into his role at the reserve with great success! Allowing us to continue our livestock and conservation grazing programmes grants us further success in our conservation efforts at the Sculthorpe Moor Reserve.


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