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Image: Jacob Kenworthy. Neo has become a popular resident at Sculthorpe Moor

In March 2020 some of you may remember us introducing you to the majestic and rather large Shetland Cattle bull Neo, who at the time was on loan, joined our 6 resident Shetland Cattle heifers at our Sculthorpe Moor reserve. Shortly after we announced that we had expectant heifers on the reserve and anticipated welcoming the calves at the end of December / early January. We can now confirm that one of the calves is expected on Christmas Day!

Neo was due to return to Bristol once the heifers were successfully mated, but the Sculthorpe Reserve is delighted to be providing Neo with a permanent residence. He has taken really well to life on the reserve and we look forward to updating you on his antics!


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