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Recently a team from the Hawk and Owl Trust ascended the spire of Norwich Cathedral and did the annual clean-up of the Peregrines nesting site. 

Jacob Kenworthy was part of this task force and kindly took some images to give you a sneak peek at the inside of this historic landmark. He has also documented the experience, including some of the findings from the clean-up! 

To get up to the spire you go up a series of very tiny spiral staircases to get to the square part just before the spire where you actually come outside. 

Here we saw remnants of birds that the Peregrines had caught. There was a starlings head (looked quite fresh) and lots of other beaks and bones; even a whole skeleton of a snipe! 

We then had to climb a series of very tall wooden ladders to eventually reach the level where the nest box is. The panels of glass were removed so that you could reach out to get to the ledge. 

As well as taking all the bones out of the box, we had to clear out 5 heavy bags of gravel (from previous years' nests) from that level of the spire. We used a rope to lower them down the levels of the spire where we used ladders to get up and then we carried them down the spiral staircases which was exhausting work. 

It was a great experience; one I won't forget, just a shame it was foggy so we didn't get a clear view of Norwich...

Images: Jacob Kenworthy


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