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Over the weekend (between the 19th - 21st June 2021) 11 out of the 12 incubating Partridge eggs at the Sculthorpe Moor Reserve hatched successfully.
Out of the 11 hatched eggs, there are 9 healthy live chicks. These birds have been relocated from their incubation pod to a purpose-built structure dubbed 'Partridge Palace'.

The Palace has all the mod cons that the juvenile birds could need. Warmth, water, food and space to grow, and is checked on regularly by members of the Sculthorpe team. 
From there the birds will spend some time in a large outdoor pen to get them acclimatised to their new outside setting. Once ready the birds will be released onto one of Sculthorpe’s meadows.

Amazing footage of a chick hatching was shared with participating local primary schools
A huge thanks to the project coordinator Lilly Dollman who has spent great time and effort in organising and overseeing this educational project.
To read more about this project please see the first instalment of our Partridge Project write up:


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