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Baling for Biodiversity

For the last 2 weeks, one of our staff members Lilly, has been cutting, band raking, and baling our fen meadows. There are many reasons why this is an environmentally positive idea:

First of all, the bales provide food for our local livestock community.

Secondly, cutting a meadow once a year is crucial for allowing a wider variety of plant species to grow. By cutting the field, the dominant plants are weakened, thus allowing less dominant species to get more light exposure, causing their growth. A plant varied meadow brings different species of butterfly, insects, and small mammals.

Once we have cut the meadows, we allow our Shetland sheep to graze it. This is a form of conservation grazing and it has the same positive effect by limiting the dominant species and gives the meadow a ‘fresh start’, so all the species get the same key components for growth.

We coin this ‘baling for biodiversity'.


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