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Steep Learning Curve for Volunteers Working on New Sculthorpe Walkways

The Get on Board scheme at Sculthorpe Moor is about halfway through thanks to the generous donations from the public. 

Volunteers have been shovelling, rollering, and learning their way through this exciting project. Richard Tree, one of the volunteers at the reserve described the start of the project as “wobbly” but on achieving the halfway milestone he states “We have a good team and have become very competent... We are very proud and pleased with the final results. Not just the boardwalk section but the pathway sections too!”.

Today the team start laying chicken wire to create an anti-slip surface of the walkway. They’re going to be using high powered staple guns to ensure a hard-wearing finish. Once the wire has been applied the volunteers will be adding side rails along the full length of the boardwalk.

The volunteers are working at such an impressive pace, we predict that new walkway will hopefully be open before the Autumn! 

If you would like to donate and help fund this special project at Sculthorpe Moor you can find out more here: https://hawkandowltrust.org/reserves/sculthorpe-moor/get-on-board 

Sponsoring a piece of the new walkway costs £15 and in return, your piece of the boardwalk will be numbered and listed in a special commemorative book on show in the reserves visitor centre. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the beautiful Sculthorpe Reserve!


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