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Gyr / Saker Falcon Reunited with Owner (over 125 miles from home!)

The Hawk and Owl Trust were called out to the Robertson Barracks in Norfolk after an unusual bird of prey was spotted loose on site. 

Robertson Barracks is the current home of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards – The Welsh Cavalry. Adrian Blumfield of the Hawk and Owl Trust went to the site and was met by guards personnel (Chris) who had been keeping an eye on the birds activity.

Once on site the hungry Falcon was spotted sitting on top of one of the base's old hangars. The bird swiftly responded to the call of Adrian, and the promise of food! Once in the Trust’s care the IBR (Independent Bird Register) ringed  bird was checked and traced back to its owner in Kent.

The Gyr / Saker’s owner - Marc, lost the working bird when carrying out regular duties on a landfill site in the Kent area on Monday 22nd June. That particular day there were an unusual number of Buzzards as well as prevailing southerly winds. As a result the Falcon failed to return and headed north, all the way to Norfolk!

Upon trying to track the Falcon, the bird’s radio tracker signal could not be traced by its owner. Marc believed that would be the last he would see of his years old Gyr / Saker Falcon.Luckily for Marc he was reunited with the bird on Saturday 27th June. Marc driving the 125 miles from Kent was pleased to be reunited with the lost Gyr / Saker.

Special thanks to those at the Robertson Barracks who helped reunite Marc with this beautiful working bird. With the GyrFalcon being the largest species of Falcon globally and the Saker being listed on the BirdLife International endangered list, this hybrid Falcon was certainly something special to witness for all involved in it’s rescue.


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