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Sculthorpe Moor is slipping into the warmer summer months. Spring shows of bluebells and wild garlic flowers are making way for fresh green canopies and unkempt flora that will see us through summer. 

Lambs are jumping for joy and bleating away at the beautiful weather we’re having in Norfolk, but this year the spring in their step can only be enjoyed by a few lucky humans who are looking after the reserve during lockdown.

In the woodland and meadowland on the reserve there’s still plenty to do. Bird feeders are topped up, livestock are fed and cared for, and the land itself is maintained to ensure that things tick over as if it were any other year. 

Everything is seemingly normal despite the lack of footfall from our patrons. The volunteer hut is disappointingly devoid of friendly chatter and home-baked cakes, and one might think they had the entire reserve to themselves as they tread the lonely woodland pathways.

Once we’re out of the woods (so to speak) we look forward to life at the reserve going back to some sort of normal. For now, however, we hope that these few photos of the woodland at this time of year will keep you going!



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