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The first Bath Peregrines chick of 2020 is here!

Hamish Smith has been keeping a close eye on the Bath Peregrines and confirmed this morning that an open shell and chick have been spotted in the 2020 scrape stating: 
“The first Bath Peregrines chick of 2020 has escaped its egg.  It looks as if it may have hatched at around 20:15 last night, but it is one of those cases where the falcon fidgeted under her for a while then settled back down. This is the only evidence of anything happening until 05:15 this morning when AA brought in food for the falcon and she left giving a clear view of the open shell.  When AA left the nest later this morning around 08:00 I got the first clear view of the chick before the falcon came back in to cover.”

To follow the chicks progress, and monitor how the other eggs fare please take a look at the live cam and follow Hamish’s Youtube channel which is regularly updated with highlights from the Scrape.

Bath Live Cam:

Bath YouTube: Search Bath Peregrines


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