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After a successfully 2019 breeding season with all four eggs being hatched and the young fledged (with a few interventions and one trip to the International Centre for Birds of Prey hospital being required), the young stayed around for a number of months learning their ‘trade’. They have for the most part left the immediate area, but can be seen returning to St John’s occasionally.  It looks as if we currently have the same breeding pair, and from what I’ve seen they’re both in pretty good condition.

On Saturday 23/11 we cleaned and surveyed the nest box, and installed fresh gravel; clean bill of health for another year.

Within a couple of hours of us completing the clean-up, tiercel AA came in to examine his nest……..

…..and shortly afterwards he entered the nest box, gave it a good check out, conducted a preliminary scrape, and set about calling to his mate to show her what a good nest he has for her in 2020.

This is about the same time bonding behaviour was first witnessed last year and bodes well for the forthcoming breeding season.

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