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Shapwick Moor

Watch wildlife return as we restore arable farmland to wet grassland on the Somerset Levels. The Hawk and Owl Trust acquired Shapwick Moor in 2007 and it had previously been used to grow a variety of arable crops. Carefully we are restoring it to flower-rich, semi-natural grassland and fen and welcoming wildlife back as these changes are made and the habitat is regenerated. It's a fascinating process!

Rough grass margins will encourage owls and other birds of prey and the small mammals they feed on and raising the water levels will protect the peat soils, which were being damaged by regular ploughing, and preserve the archaeological features hidden there. Further habitat improvements include restoring the old hedges and pollarded willows, re-profiling the ditch banks and edges to make them more suitable for wildlife and encouraging reedbed to develop along some of the ditches.

Shapwick Moor provides the perfect place to demonstrate Hawk and Owl Trusts practical experience of habitat management for wildlife, and where you can see the wildlife responding positively to the changes we are making.

Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve forms a part of the Avalon Marshes complex of reserves, at the heart of the Somerset Levels. Avalon Marshes is a vibrant, working landscape, celebrated for its rich wildlife, heritage and culture.

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