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Pale phase BuzzardThe Hawk and Owl Trust works tirelessly to help protect and conserve Britain’s wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats, whether that be remote moorland or inner-city Peregrine nesting sites. We are dependent on you to help to meet costs for all the areas we are involved in. Every donation makes a vital difference.

You can make a one-off donation by either:
• Filling in the form below and paying securely online.
• Donating by card today over the phone by calling 01328 850590
• By cheque, made payable to the Hawk and Owl Trust and posted to Hawk and Owl Trust, Turf Moor Road, Sculthorpe, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9GN.


You can choose to make regular donations direct from your salary that are tax free via PayRoll Giving Click Here for more information and to go to the Hawk and Owl Trust’s official PayRoll Giving page for you to set this up.

Your donation could buy the following:
• £4 could buy two electronic tags to help monitor a pair of Little Owls
• £25 will help cover the costs of a day’s website streaming of our Urban Peregrine Projects from Norwich and Bath, so you can watch easily online
• £40 could support 40 more school children visits to one of our environmental education centres where they will learn why birds of prey and owls are so special
• £80 could provide materials for four more nest boxes to help Kestrels
• £100 could help with a whole day’s practical conservation work on one of our reserves or could go towards surveying, monitoring and providing nesting baskets for Long-eared Owl

Please help us at NO extra cost to you. If you pay tax in the United Kingdom, please use Gift Aid to make your adoption worth more. For every pound you give us, we get an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue. Just click in the box on the donation form. It’s that simple. gift aid

To qualify for Gift Aid, you must have paid enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount that all charities and CASCs you donate to will reclaim for that tax year. Council tax and VAT do not count.

Corporate Support
Find out more about our Corporate membership at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve, Norfolk. Click here