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Friday, 29 May 2020 15:45

Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees 09.00. Chicks were fed...

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 23/05/20

Weather: Sunny with a 23 mph SW wind. Temp: 16

9:00 The 4 chicks are alert, sitting up and preening themselves.

9:09 The 4 chicks settle down and rest in the sunshine.

9:13 GA arrives and lands on the wall.

9:14 GA steps down on to the scrape, picks up a discarded carcass and immediately leaves with it.

9:19 The Tiercel arrives and also leaves straight away.

9:31 2 of the chicks get up and swap positions on the scrape. At this same moment, another chick sits up and starts preening itself.

9:39 The chick nearest the camera, stands up, stretches out its wings, sits down again, and then looks up into the sky.

10:00 The chicks look up and call out.

10:06 The chick nearest the camera calls out again.

10:10 The chick furthest from the camera, gets up and moves to the far outside corner of the scrape.

10:15 The chick that had moved to the corner 5 minutes ago, gets up, moves around and then settles back down on the other side of the scrape and in its original position again. While it does this, another chick gets up and moves to the near outside corner of the scrape.

10:31 GA arrives with prey to feed the chicks. It looks like pigeon is on the menu! All 4 chicks are up immediately. They scramble to get close to GA for feeding. The smallest chick doesn't secure a good place and moves around a bit to try and secure a spot. One of the bigger chicks pecks at a piece of meat and manages to take it off and pecks at it itself. After a short while, it discards the piece of meat and goes back to be fed by its mother. The little chick that had struggled to get food from its mother then pecks at this discarded meat.

10:49 The smallest chick moves back to the group and finally gets fed. It looks like the others are full because they don't seem to mind.

10:56 The smallest chick stops eating.

10:57 GA pecks a bit at the carcass before jumping up on the wall of the scrape and departing with it.

10:59 The Tiercel arrives and starts eating some remains of the carcass.

11.00:- Male finishing prey. Chicks full looking!

11.05:- Male leaves

11.06:- Female arrived with more food! Can’t interest any of her brood. Leaves with it

11.48:- Male returns and soon leaves

11.55:- Alternate wing exercising between huddling out of the wind

13.00, now starting shift, taken over from Richard E. With all 4 chicks flat out! 

13.15, GA arrives with no prey, finds some scrap meat to feed herself. 

13.18, couple of the chicks awakes, wondering why mum is the only one eating.

13.20, mum starts picking at the remains of a leg, for 3 of her chicks. 

13.23, mum trying to get some more of the remains, she was eating earlier. 

13.25, no more flesh on the remains, so she leaves, leaving the chicks home alone. 

13.26, all 4 chicks now looking out for more to eat. 

13.29, GA arrives back on the edge of the box, still with nothing to eat. 

13.36, GA drops into the box, starts looking out for the old man to arrive with food. 

13.47, GA still looking out, whilst all 4 chicks sleep on. 

14.23, one of the chicks, has firing practice over the edge of the box. 

14.42, mum preening, whilst the chicks cry out of food. 

14.46, GA departs, leaving the chicks all alone. 

15.00, now handing over to James! Chicks fast asleep. 

15:00 There are three sleeping chicks and one alert at the back from the camera.  The gale of wind roars.

15:05 One chick wing stretches close to camera

15:10 The chicks shuffle in the corner. They are now showing some brownish cheeks. 

15:11 GA arrives with dark prey ?starling and starts to feed chicks.  They call incessantly and appear hungry.

15:17 Three of the chicks are feeding hard.

15:19 Two of the chicks tug at the prey especially the one near the camera.  There are remnants of peregrine poo on one chick’s head from yesterday (TD I think). 

15:23 TA exercises her wings rather than eat.

15:24 one chick turns away from the feed. GA stands on the ledge closest to camera and then leaves without prey.

15:25 The Chicks track GA as she leaves.

15:26 They tuck into the bony remains themselves.

15:29 The Chicks  track a parent flying for at least a minute.

15:31 They settle with faces to the wall.  TD relieves herself.

15:34 TC plays with a feather.  TA walks over the join the others near the camera and then relieves herself and then returns to far end of box on her own.

15:37 Two chicks track an adult and call briefly

15:39 More wing flapping and over balancing.

15:43 One chick call again and looks up the spire.  They are resting in a line along the back of the box as though sheltering from the howling wind.

16:05 One chick tracks a bird seen behind the box going from right to left.

16:06 Two chicks track and call briefly and look up the spire.

16:08 Two chicks closest to the camera preen, the other two sleep.

16:13 These two chicks go walkabout and one relieves itself.  TB shows off her ring and wings and relieves herself.

16:15 TB and TD start to feed on the old prey item.

16:19 The chicks track briefly and also at 16:21

16:22 TA calls and tracks an adult.  No one arrives on the nest box!  The rest are asleep.

16:41 One chick stares up the spire hard.

16:45 There is visible camera shake from the gale.

16:54 TB sits up and starts to preen.

16:56 TB tracks an adult onto the spire and calls a little and then goes back to preening.

17:00 No further change with a feed from GA at about 15:11.

Thank you to today’s volunteers; Robert Keatley, Richard Edwards, Graham Long and James Savage.