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Friday, 29 May 2020 15:45

Sunny day. Wind 13km/hr. Temperature 15 degrees 09.00. Chicks were fed...

Norwich Peregrines Nest Activity Log- 22/05/20

Weather overcast and blustery.

0900 Shift begins with all chicks huddled together in NW corner of nestbox.

0904 one chick sits up & begins preening.

0912 Same chick flexes both wings, then looks around & upwards.

0915 Settles back down again.

0919 Two more chicks sit up & begin preening.

0923 One settles back into huddle.

0930 third chick sits up to preen. 4th still prostrate & motionless.

0937 Three chicks alert & watchful.

0941 Fourth chick awakes & starts to preen, but finding itself wedged underneath two others, quickly settles down again.

0944 One chick begins pecking at food remains, then calls & resumes pecking.

0948 Tiercel flies in with unidentified prey & begins feeding two chicks.

0950 Third chick receives first feed.

0951 Fourth chick at rear manages to force through for feeding.

0952 Tiercel turns round, steps up onto S parapet then flies off, leaving all four chicks sitting upright in curve. Nearest to prey continues feeding itself. Two others wing flexing, revealing dark flight feathers underneath down.

0955 All four chicks stumble around box with some wing flexing.

0959 Three resume former positions in NW corner.

1001 Two chicks move to separate positions in centre & SW corner.

1004 Chick in centre moves to SW corner, where both settle together, then begin preening.

1009 Single chick moves to NW corner to join two siblings.

1025 Pair in NW corner sit up & begin preening.

1030 One of the pair re-settles.

1035 GA arrives in nestbox carrying pigeon prey. Begins feeding chick moved from SW corner.

1037 Second chick joins feed from NW corner.

1038 Third chick pushes in from SW corner & receives food. Fourth chick appears to wait patiently at rear.

1043 Fourth chick finally manages to push through between siblings, but can only wait alone in SW corner by GA's tail, while siblings continue feed.

1048 Fourth chick  takes opportunity to move into GA's vision & finally receives first feed. Appears to have exclusive access for nearly one minute.

1051 All four chicks stand in a curve receiving rotational feeds.

1058 GA briefly feeds herself then flies off with prey, leaving chicks upright & vigilant.

11.00 GA has just departed having spent 25 minutes feeding the youngsters. All four look content and full!

11.06 The chicks have now settled and are dozing in the welcome breeze.

11.49 The overcast conditions have given way to full sun resulting in the chicks stirring and standing. The breeze remains a cooling factor.

11.53 All chicks are now standing.

12.00 Three chicks have walked to the camera side of the box to get some protection from the sun and wind. TD remains at the far side, seeking protection at the front of the box.

12.53 The Tiercel returns and begins to feed from remains in the box. Only one chick seems interested, which is just as well as it is a very small morsel on offer.

12.58 He leaves the box, having fed one chick. Whilst the others are alert now, all must still be full from the feed just before

13.00 A quiet 2 hours, which was to be expected after such a good feed just before 11.

13.00 First look at the Peregrine chicks for me today and they seem to have grown over night!! Flight feathers well and truly visible now. All four are alert and awake.

13.04 Chick TD has a wing stretch and flap before climbing over one of her siblings to get to the far corner of the box.

13.06 TD can be seen panting, TA stretches out a leg clearly showing off her identity. TC shows off his flight feathers.

13.19 TC picks up and plays about with a large feather.

13.40 TA awakes from a doze, stands up looks over the ledge and begins preening. Makes me realise that if we were at the watchpoint the chicks would be visible through the fabulous scopes by now :(

13.45 TA moved away from the ledge.

13.50 All 4 chicks snoozing in the heat.

14.29 TD now awake.

14.34 It’s TD’s turn to play with a feather now.

15.00 Time for my shift to end, a quiet 2 hours with no sign of either adult bird on camera.

15.00...Shift started with 3 chicks asleep and one having a preen.

15.17...One chick does some exercising, and over the next 2 minutes the other 3 join in and all then settle down.  Nothing much happens for the next 43 minutes, an occasional flap of the wings.
16.03...Male arrives with food, proceeds to feed all of the chicks,

16.10...Male departs.

Up until 17.00...not much activity , well fed,the chicks settle down in one corner en mass.  I did notice one chick appeared to have different markings on it's head, then realised it must have got in the way of another chick going to the toilet.

Thank you to today’s volunteers; Geoff Mickleburgh, Eileen Wyatt, Jon Male, Andrew Hardwick, Sarah Purton, George Waters and Norman Wyatt.