Datum: 02 June 2019

Very exciting day at the watch point, especially for YS, the first peregrine chick to fledge today! We can confirm that she is ok, having glided slowly down after the wind took her whilst she was flapping her wings. GA has been keeping an eye on her as she peeked over the crenellations!

Weather was breezy, hot and sunny!

9.42 All 3 chicks are resting in nest. Male flies over from North to South and then out of view. GA lands 2 crockets down on South side.

9.58 GA flies North East.

10.00 Male flies by and then off to the East. GA flies South West.

10.06 GA lands half-way up on the North side.

10.30 Male comes in with pigeon which he passes mid-flight to GA. She then takes the food to the golden bales, and then stoops at something to the East. The male lands on the North side and then flies off to the West.

10.40 The chick YS accidentally fledges! The wind took her as she was exercising her wings and she floated down to the bell tower.

10.43 GA brings prey to the nest and then lands to the North side of the spire.

11.00 GA flies off North East.

11.44 GA lands 7 crockets below the plucking window, looking down at YS. GA then swoops over YS and then circles the spire before landing 9 crockets down on the South, still keeping an eye on YS. Male lands below plucking window, then flies off to the East.

12.27 YS is observed peering over the ledge of the bell tower.

13.21 Male flies from North to East.

13.31 Male flies in and lands 2 crockets down on the North side. GA is calling.

14.10 GA flies East.

14.30 GA lands 3 crockets down on the South side.

14.35 GA flies in and lands above the nest box after circling the spire. Male lands 2 crockets down on the East side.

14.36 GA flies North East.

14.55 Male flies East.

15.15 A peregrine is seen high over the close chasing a buzzard.

15.20 GA is sitting 2 crockets down from the top of the spire.

15.40 GA takes flight.

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