Datum: 01 June 2019

09.25 GA is in the platform feeding the ever growing chicks.

09.46 GA takes flight and orbits higher and higher above the spire with the carcass she was earlier feeding to the chicks.

09.49 The male is spotted high on top of the golden finials munching on a carcass.

09.50 As GA returns to the spire she is mobbed by a passing gull, the male, noticing GAs predicament drops from his lofty position and heads straight for the troublesome gull twice making contact, the gull seeing the error of its way beats a hasty retreat to the East.

09.55 GA, safe from her earlier mobbing decides to land on the golden finials and finish off the carcass that the male has previously been feasting on. The male comes back and seeing GA eating his meal decides to land a few crockets below his barrel chested partner.

09.58 GA has now finished eating and takes flight once more, this time orbiting higher and higher to the West.

10.01 GA returns to the spire and lands out of our view on the North side of the spire.

10.10 GA takes flight yet again, after a lazy orbit of the spire she lands on the golden finials.

10.15 The male, unbeknown to us, has been out hunting, he lands high up the spire with a fresh kill.

10.20 One of the chicks decides to jump on the edge of the platform and exercises its wings, it soon joins the other rascals in the safely of the platform.

10.23 The male returns to the spire from the East and settles on the spire

10.50 Both adults take flight and drifting in the thermals head higher and higher with ever increasing orbits, eventually they disappear out of view

11.15 A buzzard is noted circling high to the East, out of nowhere both adults return and proceed to attack the buzzard, 2 further buzzards are seen even higher and escape the onslaught of the peregrines.

11.20 GA, still high above us, closes her wings and makes a high speed descent and lands 2 crockets beneath the golden finials, the chicks are now awake from their slumber and look up to see what all the fuss is about, they soon settle down again.

11.40 GA is up and flying again, this time heading out to the West.

11.53 GA returns and lands on the same crocket as before.

12.05 2 of the chicks can be seen wing flapping from the watch point

12.18 GA takes flight once more, she makes large orbits to the East of the Cathedral.

13.40 GA spots an errant gull closing in on her patch, she soon makes her feelings clear and escorts it away to the South.

13.45 Both birds again soar on the thermals, 2 buzzards are spotted to the East but this time they are allowed to continue without interference.

14.10 GA lands 2 crockets from the top.

14.12 The male lands high on the spire facing North.

14.14 The youngsters are now awake, and after spotting Mum sitting high above them decide to make some noise, GA ignores the calling from below.

14.45 GA takes flight and heads to the West, after a few minutes she lands on the South facing side of the spire, giving us wonderful views.

15.00 GA takes flight once again and heads to the North West, the male who has sneaked off without our knowledge lands on the North side of the spire with prey, he starts to pluck and the discarded feathers are soon snapped up gratefully by the local swifts.

15.20 As GA drifts on the thermals she spots a gull getting too close to the spire, she closes her wings and gives chase, the gull departs at speed to the West

15.22 After removing most of the feathers from his previously caught prey he takes it to the box, on closer inspection it turns out to be a collared dove. The male feeds the young for a good 5 minutes but soon gets engulfed by the 3 hungry chicks, he decides to leave the carcass with the boisterous youngsters.

15.30 After escaping the flying talons and feathers of the platform the male lands high on the East side of the spire for a bit of piece and quiet.

15.44 The male is soon up in the air again, this time chasing away a gull

16.05 As we pack up for the day GA appears high above our heads with a kill, the male joins her in the sky. GA takes the kill to the golden finials and start to prepare the carcass. The male lands a few crockets below.

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