Datum: 02 May 2019


9.12 GA feeding young, male arrives with young and also feeds chicks.

9.15 Male 2nd crocket down on SE.

9.30 Male leaves.

10.48 GA flew off, chicks unattended.

10.49 Male lands on the edge of the box.

10.52 Male feeds chicks with prey from inside the box.

11.00 Male leaves the box with the prey remain.

11.01 Male returns to the box and broods chicks.

11.25ish male alarming from box, GA and Buzzards seen riding thermals over the close. Male leaves the nest box and mobs the Buzzard. Both birds mob the Buzzard.

11.32 GA returns to the nest and calls. Male lands 2 crockets down on the front of the spire.

11.51 Male flew off W.

12.12 GA calls from the nest. Male lands 2 down and then flew off E and mobs a Buzzard.

12.20 Male lands momentarily on top of the spire and then flies E.

12.25 Male comes into nest with prey (small bird) GA flies off and the male feeds the chicks.

12.29 Male flew out with the prey remain.

12.30 Male lands on E plucking window with the prey and stashed the food.

12.31 Male returns to the box empty taloned.

12.33 Male stoops onto a crow SE over the close and misses, he then goes for a pigeon and misses. He then returns to the box.

12.36 Male alarming from the edge of the box.

12.37 Male goes into brood the chicks.

13.00 GA returns to the top of the spire with prey (unidentified item) she then plucks.

13.16 GA brings in prey and feeds the chicks the male flew off W.

13.28 GA returns to brooding duties.

13.52 Male leaves 2nd crocket down and flies off SE.

14.05 Intruder alert! Male mobbing intruding juvenile female peregrine over the close. GA leaves the nest to join in the attack. Male returns to the spire and lands 2 crockets down.

14.27 Male back in the box takes old prey remain and eats it.

14.31 Male flew out with prey.

14.35 Male lands on the nest box and looks at the chicks.

14.37 Male broods chicks.

15.00 2 red kites fly over head travelling S.

15.13 GA flew in with prey in her talons, she was very vocal, the male leaves the box and lands 5 crockets above the box. GA feed the chicks.

15.15 Male flew off W.

15.17 Male lands on top of the spire on golden bales.

15.21 GA brooding.

15.22 Male flew W, it starts to rain. Intruder alert! Male mobs juvenile intruder.

15.34 GA leaves the nest to join in the attack on the juvenile female there is a hustle over tombland.

15.36 GA returns to the nest yelling the male lands 2 crockets down from the top

16.00 Male chases a crow but doesn't catch it. 

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